it looks like Wednesday is going to be my hump day - you know you get those days when you know what you need to do and you’re perfectly capable of doing what you need to do, yet  you can’t seem to think or focus on actually doing anything

you know those type of days – they drag on FOREVER…

and all you really want to do is go back to bed and sleep…

and no amount of black coffee can fix it

well today is that day. The lights were on, but there was definitely no-one home! I was flat as a tack and really struggled with a lack of energy.

I didn’t sleep last night (again!) 2am seems to be the witching hour at the moment and I forgot to charge my ipod so no meditations – bugger. I’m always a little out of sorts if I dont get a good meditation – I think it showed today!

I forgot to have my valerian tea – bugger

and I forgot my work pass – which I only discovered when I’d tailgated someone through to the secure bike lock up – so I couldn’t get my bike back out of the lock up and I need it to get to training tomorrow – bugger.

today I was hungry for the 1st time – because I’d forgotten to do the shopping – so less food than usual – I was so low on energy I got a little cranky at people – this was not helped when there was a morning tea with lots of food..fruit plates, cheese plates, dips, crackers, sandwiches, party pies and I couldn’t have any of it!  that was tough.

am going to have to watch the sense of humour failure though…

and then I left my phone and purse at work, which  I remembered 1/2 way home – and I needed money to get some food – which I forgot to do at lunchtime – bugger.  So I continued home, got my pass and went back to work to get my bike, phone and purse – double bugger.

there goes my night. so now I’m tired, cranky and really fed up and hungry. I thought a nice steak for tea would cheer me up, but its not working right now – even the TV is annoyingly noisy and pointless and I’m watching Masterchef which I love…normally

is this what carb depletion does to you?

I think the best thing to do is have my nut butter, my valerian tea and head off to bed – tomorrow is chest day…with Aiden…I can’t be snappy with him – it’ll just hurt me more.. :-p

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