The non Flu, Flu

This is weird – its like I’m not living in my body at the moment – it like this odd thing thats been hung on my bones, I just dont know how to describe it.

Every movement is heavy and feels like an effort and I’m sort of detached as I watch my legs move or my arms do things that somewhere I’m sure I’ve told them to do but its like some puppet master has got control of me and is pulling the strings…

I’ve dislocated my body!

and I’m soooo tired – if sleeping was an olympic sport – I’d be champion at that right now as well!

and hungry!! where is this coming from? up till now I haven’t felt hungry at all, not once, especially not when drinking 7 litres of water a day – but today – chicken, sweet potato – inhaled (usually struggle with this meal), tuna salad…inhaled and its still another HOUR before I can eat again and that will only be 2 1/2 hours between meals…dont know if I’ll last that long!


4th cup of herbal tea coming up…and more water…

1:46 pm


1:30 is the bogey time now, but I’ve had lunch and feeling much better – I’m warm (ish) for the first time in days!

altho not quite ready to give up the nanna cardy just yet

is it possible to have flu without having the flu?

3:17 pm

definitely must be on the mend from the ‘not flu’ – usually by the time its afternoon snack I’m just going through the motions because its on the list and I’m full. Not today – inhaled it…and STILL hungry!! have got through 5 litres of water + 6 cups of herbal tea so am not short on hydration!

am even warm enough to shed the nanna cardy… :-)

even think I’ll be able to stay awake in my 4pm meeting without another coffee…steady on!


ok definitely on the mend – Am looking forward to getting home to practice posing! I have this thing called e.n.e.r.g.y back – phew! I was starting to get a bit worried..

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