The Grand Tan Test: Round 2

Wednesday 17th August Evening

So the contestants for round 2 are JanTana – the preferred choice of the IFBB and ProTan, but as of yet the ProTan is a no show! could this be a strategic tactic to pysch out the opposition??? only application will tell…

Contestant number 1 please step up to the plate:

Included in the JanTana pack we have the Skin Preparation body scrub to balance skin pH with application mitt, Hi Definition Colour and application sponge.

Into the bath for a good scrub – the scrub has micro beads and is much like any exfoliating lotion really – it doesn’t have a particularly strong scent, so I’m not sure what is so special about it. Then as per instructions I didn’t apply any moisturiser after drying off to make sure the skin is totally clean.

the next step was to apply the tan – squirting the tan, which is very thin, onto the sponge was a bit fiddly and messy, the nozzle is quite broad so is prone to spitting – the sponge also didn’t soak it up immediately so the floor got a tan as well – good thing its covered in towels!

Points deducted for non sponginess of the sponge and splat factor!

I think for the next coat I’ll pour some into a bowl as with the other tans.

The tan spread on very easily – instructions stated to spread with the contours of the body – at first it seemed a bit streaky but I added more to the sponge and that seemed to help. It doesn’t have any smell and has a nice reddish brown colour. It looks a bit speckly on my upper abs – not sure why this is, possibly its soaked into my pores a bit too much or maybe I’m going to have to de-fuzz all body hair. I’ll have to check with Melita about this because I think it looks ‘dirty’ as Matt calls it. It has dried nice and quickly as well.

so tomorrow it faces the shower test, then a 2nd coat + wear and tear….

by which time contender number 2 should have shown up for its crack at the title…

Thursday 18th August – Morning

And the JanTana is heading for the shower will it fare?

Its virtually gone! You can tell that its still there, but not what I was hoping for at all.

Time for coat 2

I forgot to pour the tan into a bowl so to alleviate non soaking sponge induced mess I stood in the bath! good idea as it turned out :-)

points lost for mess factor – can you imagine what my bathroom will look like when I try to apply it to all of me??? but points gained because the white background reveals a red base to the colour…

Thursday 18th August – Evening

At last the ProTan has turned up and there is a last minute entrant – Dream Tan Professional Self Tanning Spray – bit of a dark horse maybe…?

so first up – how did the JanTana deal with wear and tear?

Again it has faded but at least its still there and it has maintained the red brown colour – brownie points added for that!.

so onto the final 2 – ProTan and Dream Tan PSTS

All scrubbed down and clean, on with the ProTan

The squirter is easy to use, and precise and the attached sponge on a handle soaks it up immediately with no drips. It smells a bit of acetone but its not too bad. The tan goes on nice and smoothly, no streaks and is a nice chestnut colour although it does have a slight greenish tinge round the edges of the test patch. Again it has dried very quickly and is relatively smudge free

One thing I’ve noticed is that I seem to turn a different colour on different parts of me – thats a bit odd – hopefully after 2 or 3 coats it will all even out!

Next is the Dream Tan PSTS

The squirter is a bit pathetic! If I was going to do all over I would definitely have to pour into a bowl it would take DAYS otherwise! :-)  It has a good colour although it seems to be a bit paler than the ProTan and again there is that slight greenish tinge at the edges. It smells of acetone as well. It doesn’t look like theres any streaks but it took a few goings over to iron those out. It dried nice and quickly.

The sink test revealed that both tans are green/blue based

So the jury is still out – the winner of round 2 will be decided tomorrow!

Friday 19th August – Morning

Shower Test!!

On the left we have the ProTan – very faded but  its clearly still there and has held its brown colour, on the right we have the Dream Tan PSTS again it has faded alot but its still there. Its less red than the ProTan.

time for a 2nd coat


What a shamozzle!! Severe operator error occurred during application – both Protan and PSTS suffering dribbles and sponge saturation and the colour of both now just look dirty and green. The ProTan appears to have come through the ordeal better than the PSTS which is just an unpleasant colour, but neither of them are particularly dark even though I kept  which begs the question – how many coats would have to be applied to get a good deep colour?

Lets see how they cope with wear and tear

Friday 19th August – Evening

First up

Protan – mixed result there one section has faded almost completely and the other section is definitely hanging in there with a reddish tinge except round the edges

So how does the Dream Tan PSTS compare?

Not good at all! I really don’t think the Dream Tan PSTS has what it takes to compete at this level and I’m afraid it will not be taking any further part in this tan-test.

Now down to the 2 main contenders for this round – and its a very close call.

so let us look at the strengths and weaknesses of each:


Colour: Good reddish brown, a little on the pale side perhaps extra coats required

Base Colour: red – good

Ease of Applicator use: Wide nozzle prone to allowing spitting effect

Ease of Application: very easy to spread not noticeably streaky, dense sponge allows smooth application, dried quickly

Dribble/Mess Factor: sponge didn’t soak up the amount that gets squirted which led to collateral splatting

Shower test: Virtually disappeared!

Wear and Tear: faded but still there and held its colour well


Colour: Good chestnut colour greenish tinge round the edges

Base Colour: green/blue – that snot going to work on my skin

Ease of Applicator use: Precise nozzle, no mess or drips easy to use

Ease of Application: 1st coat spread on easily and was not noticeably streaky, dried quickly. The second coat just didn’t seem to work and took a while to iron out streaks and the colour was very odd, the red that was present before was gone.

Dribble/Mess Factor: 1st coat there were no issues at all, but the 2nd coat I dont konw if the sponge had too much on it was too damp from last night, but there were dribbles and splats

Shower test: Faded but visible

Wear and Tear: a mixed result – faded but still there but had discoloured and turned greenish – definitely not a good look

So one last test to separate the top 2 – a fresh coat and a side by side comparison

Hmm…tough call – I’m not really sure if I like either! the JanTana on the left is a much better colour – the ProTan has really lost the plot and is a really dull lifeless sort of shade of olive.

I’m going to declare the winner of this round to be the JanTana!

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