The Grand Tan Final!

Saturday 20th August – Morning

After 2 very competitive rounds of tanning we are down to 2 contenders – the JanTana, preferred choice of the IFBB and the Contest Colour preferred choice of…well, I’m not sure really!

And the tans will be judged by the one and only, the inimitable…. MATT NICHOLSON!

woohoo!! yeah…and the crowd goes wild!!!

phew…tough critic, they’d better be at their best!

so the format of the final is simple and quick – 2 coats applied after shower dried for 3 hours then judged under the harsh lights and Matts glare at Genesis Gym, Doncaster….

So here are the finalists – Contest Colour on the left, JanTana on the right

Both are looking good – nice colour consistency, no streakiness and neither looks dirty. The contest colour has really outdone itself and is incredibly dark – with a bit of dream tan finisher applied over the top its looking the goods…

and thats the mark of a winner….it knows how to perform on the big stage…

and the winner is…


that was an all the way win, Contest Colour meant business right from the get go and it didn’t let up, the others just paled into comparison really…


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