the dexa never lies?

hmm…had my dexa scan tonight and its a bit odd – I’ve lost weight so I’m down to 51.7kg which means since Melita weighed me last Thursday I’ve lost 0.8kg, this is excellent and since the last scan 4 weeks ago I’ve put on 99g of muscle but I’ve also put on 190g of fat – so overall I’m not sure where the weight loss has come from – it must be water that got sucked in as a result of the extra carbs I was eating for that 1st week.

so where has the fat come from??? I’m now at 6.8% thats up a whole % from the Vics! :-(

here’s the comparison – its very odd – I’ve lost muscle on my left side and right arm but gained on my left arm and leg and my right side and leg. Overall I’ve gained on my arms and legs which is good, but I’ve lost on my body – hope that isn’t from my shoulders – I think I’ll get Melita to measure my shoulders and see.  The Body fat comparison is fairly evenly distributed with gains everywhere except my left side – still not sure how that is possible to lose just on my trunk – what does that mean?

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