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H.I.I.T by the wall

a very strange thing happened when doing my HIIT this morning – I actually felt the point where my body had used up whatever energy I’d gained from brekky and it had to tap into whatever else it could find – … Continue reading

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fright night!

can I just say what a very smart lady Melita is! she gave me exactly what I needed on Friday… a complete fright!! ok so heres what happened – I turned up at Genesis gym nice and early - I was … Continue reading

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body talking

I think I’ve finally figured out what my body is trying to say to me! each time a new tweak to the diet or to the cardio happens it puts my body into shock for a few days – when … Continue reading

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and the cracks begin to show…

When I started this blog I decided it was going to be warts ‘n’ all – you only get one chance at your first time and I wanted to make sure I captured every experience – good, bad and ugly … Continue reading

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Lost in translation – or are PT’s just sadistic?

Ok so I failed English Language at school – well I couldn’t really see the point of studying it, me being English ‘n’all – anyway loooong time ago, but I’m thinking that maybe English English and Australian English are not … Continue reading

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