T Minus 2 Weeks to Nationals

Its been 3 weeks since the vics and only 13 days now until the nationals – I’m getting excited! I havent’ seen any pics of any of the winners from other states so I have no idea who I’m going to be competing against – but you know what, that doesn’t really matter, I am just focussing on myown preparation and my own training to make sure that I’m in as good condition as I was at the Vics.

Melita was telling me that the judges will definitely notice if my condition is not as good and it could count against me – it shouldn’t but it can and given that I know I’m not going to be the biggest competitor there, my condition is going to become critical – I must have my legs at their absolute best…you never know, it might just tip things in my favour…

If feel really comfortable about this whole thing now, I know what to expect on the day and hopefully how its going to pan out. It definitely a good thing that I’m going to have home stage advantage, I know where the light is best, I know what the carpet is like, I know I can turn easily on the surface I know its not slippery or sticky. I know the backstage area – and I know that its cold back there! and finally I know who some of the judges are going to be.

I can ‘relax’ and have fun with it, and it’ll be a great learning experience  that I can carry forward to the Universes in 4 weeks!

I’m super organised as well, I can’t believe it!

I’ve got my tans all booked, I know what food to take on the day and what to pack and what not to pack – take pashmina for cold!

Sam is all booked to do my hair and makeup again and I’ve got her booked into the Langham this time – must send her an email to confirm all this.

I’ve got nails booked for Friday and hair colour booked for Thursday evening so I think we’re looking good from a logitstical point of view. I’m not bothering with the fancy car this time, Aiden is picking me up in his jeep, which is a tip! so slumming it – going for the low key approach!   :-p

so how has my body pulled up in the last 3 weeks? how am I maintaining condition?

well on the day after the vics I actually ended up sticking to the diet – mostly – I did have a lovely lamb rack and mash followed by strawberries, blueberries, melted chocolate and cream :-) as my cheat meal which I was allowed to do – and boy didn’t I feel like a fatty afterwards! it was too much! all a bit too rich – how my tastebuds have changed!

so on the Tuesday it was straight back to the diet – my plan for the 1st week was to essentially go back to week 1 of my previous 10 week program which meant I had blueberries with my chicken for brekky, I had brown rice at lunch and an apple in the afternoon – luxury! what a lot of food! my body soaked it up – within 3 days my legs had lost all those beautiful lines and gone flat!

the 2nd week after the comp I cut out the fruit at brekky and substituted sweet potato – Aiden still wanted me to eat for this 2nd week because I just can’t afford to lose any more weight. By Thursday though I was feeling very fat! and when I went to see Melita – got a bit of a shock on the measurements – I’d put on a whole kilo AND my skin folds had gone up by 2mm on my triceps and abdomen and by 4mm on my legs – my legs were back into double figures!! definitely time to cut out the extra carbs!

so the day after I went back down to 1 carb meal a day – just the sweet potato for 1st brekky and I also have to do 6 HIIT’s this week!!! :-(

but its working – on Sunday I was looking completely ripped again and I even think I’ve put on some size on my abs which we’ve been hitting really hard – hope so! can’t wait for my next dexa scan on Wednesday! :-)

My training has been going really well, since it’s only 5 weeks from the vics to the nationals its not enough time to build up any particular area so we’ve decided to really focus on fine tuning my strengths – legs and back.

Having had a couple of weeks with extra carbs I have plenty of energy so we’ve been going as heavy as possible on my legs and I think I’ve been doing PB’s every week which is encouraging. I’ve even thrown in an extra glute session just to make sure we’re hammering those as well! My shoulders are just about hanging in there, although I’ve had to take out any sort of presses because I just have no strength at all in my left arm.

I have to do HIIT’s tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then its posing, posing, and more posing! I’m really working on my symmetry which Michael Buna said was a bit stiff and robotic – think coathanger as Wendy said!

so I think I’m on track – am seeing Melita again on saturday for some final week diet tweaks, so hopefully my legs are back down to single figures on the skin fold…wonder if it worth me having a totally carb free day..hmmm..

better not, stick to what has worked, it wasn’t broken before, so don’t fix it now.

I must bail up Jo Rogers about my bikinis, which I sent to her for cleaning…I’m not that nervous…yet…


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