So what does it take to be a figure competitor? A BIG Thank You!

When a figure competitor steps on stage looking stunning in a beautiful costume, hair, makeup and tanned perfectly, physically looking the best they can do on the day gracefully turning and holding poses to the judges command – it all looks so easy - like a swan gliding across the surface of a pond.

but what does it really take to get that one competitor up on stage?

just like the swans legs which paddle furiously under the water out of sight there are all the unsung heroes that are essential and truly deserve their moment in the sun too.

Firstly the competitor themselves – the dedication they have to show to stick to a long term plan, to stick to the diet the training, the thankless hours in the gym, to put their long term health potentially in harms way – sometimes just for the satisfaction of having made it. You don’t do it for the financial rewards thats for sure! :-)

Then there’s the trainers who come up with the plan and have to know how to work around injuries, deal with setbacks, provide motivation and support, put up with tears and tantrums (maybe)

There’s competition preparation experts who manage the dieting and leaning down process to ensure the competitor gets up on stage in the peak condition that their body will allow

The list goes on – posing coaches, choreographers, physios, chiropractors, massage therapists, hair and makeup people, spray tanners, friends, family, the backstage helpers – never ever leave these guys out! the show organisers, sponsors…

With that in mind, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has put in their time, effort  and knowledge to get me into the condition that I needed to be in on the day – and I was in peak condition, I couldn’t get any better – I hit the stage at 51.7 kg, 5.9% body fat. I was lean, I was dry, I was pumped and I won – what an amazing feeling that was! I was totally stoked to get 2nd overall – on my 1st show!!!

Melita and Matt – stand up and a take a bow – you guys totally rock! Thank you for making my 1st expedition into the world of Figure competing such an enjoyable and easy venture. I didn’t once struggle with the diet, I didn’t ever get hungry or feel in any way deprived – I did have my doubts that I could lose another 5% body fat in 9 weeks and I started at a pretty lean 10% – but Melita, you were spot on! I didn’t get overloaded by cardio requirements, I didn’t lose strength and I even put ON muscle!!

There were none of the horror stories you hear about 3 hours of cardio or cutting sodium or dehydrating for 2 days prior or encouraging smoking to kill apetite – WTF!!!??? thats just INSANE!!! or whatever,  just sensible little tweaks here and there to bring me in perfectly on the day. Thank you for all your coaching for posing and tips about stage presence – I think it was very clear that that bit worked! Great feedback from Michael Buna.

You eased my fears and doubts and explained everything so clearly, made me feel comfortable about the whole process and its unexpected side effects – very reassuring.

Aiden. :-)  he knows.

Andrea and Dale – You guys are my rocks, you’re always there when I need you, I love the fact that you’re such a die hard ‘RaRa’ fans – and you both deserve medals for still admitting to knowing me after 20+ years!

Clare Ross, Skye MacDonald, Anna Quach and ALL the backstage helpers – none of us could do this without your assistance – you are invaluable! looking forward to seeing you all in 4 weeks time, to get my bikini stuck to my bum!

Jo Rogers – for my beautiful bikinis – I was getting a little anxious that the blue one wouldn’t arrive in time, but it did and it knocked the spots off everyone else – IMHO :-p. Well if one of the judges is commenting on how it suited me better than the red one it must have stood out as a winner!

Sam – for doing my hair and makeup and coming all the way out from Lillydale 2 Sundays in a row to make me look amazing

Melody for teaching me what a pose was – I had no idea! and for suggesting that I create a whole new ‘look’ for on stage.

Michael Buna for putting in his time for free to help out with posing tips – I can’t believe more people didn’t take advantage of this! why wouldn’t you go along and get posing tips from the HEAD JUDGE when he’s offering it for FREE!!! Missed it? MISSED OUT – BIG Time! Hope he does the same prior to the nationals – I’m there!!!

Greg my chiropractor for keeping my shoulders going

Daniel (the very attractive physio!) for keeping my shoulders going

Noella Basile for keeping me sane at work whislt my body protested then adjusted to each new level of leanness

Work colleagues in general for showing so much interest, being supportive, encouraging and even concerned about my health

Mariya Mova for my photoshoots and encouraging me to give this a go

Fiona Upton for putting me in contact with Clare Ross and Clare for getting me backstage at the All Female and for putting me in contact with Melita and Matt!

Unknown lady at Paint ‘n’ Powder, in the Hub arcade who came up with the ‘I dream of Jeannie’ hair look – it was a real standout

Nikki at Zip Wax, lvl2 329 Little Collins St for doing my spray tans – she is a former competitor so understands exactly how dark you need to be, and now for going out of her way to find me someone in Brisbane who can spray me for the Universes – great tan and great customer service :-)

I love mes cheveaux for doing my spray tans

Giselle at the Illamasqua stand in Myer for coming up with my makeup look.

Thank you to all of you who have followed me on this journey and have given me your kind words when I needed a pick me up.

I’m sure there are people I’ve forgotten, and I apologise if I have.

Keep watching tho, this little swan is still gliding…

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