So little time so much to do!

So with only 9 weeks to go to my competition there’s I’m discovering that it is soo much more to a Figure competition than a bikini contest with muscles!!!

Ok I do need to get a sparkly bikini, and I need to get the right sort of shoes – they must be completely clear so as not to cut off the line of my legs. The shoes ideally need to have 5 inch heels to elongate my legs to the max and bring out the definition in my calves.

so here are my current pair of shoes

The trouble is I have really tiny feet – I’ve bought the smallest pair I can find – US size 5, but they’re too big! not just a little bit too big either – they look about 2 sizes too big and when you’re being judged on appearence as well as the figure thats not a good look.

NO-ONE does the shoes in US size 4!  this is could be a real problem…

Next, I have to learn to walk in 5 inch heels like they are the most comfortable pair of slippers – I have to wear them everywhere! I have to be able to turn, pivot and balance on all sorts of surfaces

I also have to learn to pose – I had no idea how hard that it is!! Standing on tip toes with every muscle tensed with your back bent to breaking point looking perfectly symmetrical and smiling and making it look so natural and relaxed all at the same time!!! I’d rather do a triple leg workout with my trainer!!!

I have to cut my body fat down to 6% then build back up to 8% – apparently I’m in a really good space right now because I’m already so lean, it sounds like I can get right down then feed myself back up which is a much better way of preparing – some competitors have to diet right to the last day.

I’ll do a post on the diet later.

I have to have the right tan, the right makeup, the right hair, the right nails, the right amount of bling

theres so much to do – it needs to be run like a military operation!

Fortunately I’ve been blessed to have been put in contact with some amazing people – Claire Ross who won the overall Vic title on her 1st show!! has put me in contact with the best in the business – Jo Rogers of StyleOnStage is making me a beautiful bikini and I’m crossing my fingers hoping that she can track me down some shoes, Melita Jagic and Matt Nicholson of and Genesis Gym, Doncaster are managing my diet for the comp, and Melody Carstairs is my posing coach and of course I wouldn’t even be contemplating any of this without my wonderful trainer Aiden Baker at fitness first Richmond Vic Gardens.

Phew! I think its all under control…

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