Relaxing…such hard work!

phew!!! this relaxing is HARD WORK!!!

for some reason I’ve been flat out today – in theory all I had to 2 was get 2 tans and my claws put on – easy right? so how come I was on the go all day from 6am and didn’t sit down until just now at 4:45???

I woke up at 4:30ish and with no reason to get out of bed I had a lovely long meditation until a late brekky at 6. I had some chicken that I ‘d poached up yesterday, about 5og of sweet potato and a cup of tea…


and then I got all hectic on myself – I decided I would be a great idea scrub the bathroom and kitchen before leaving the house at 9:30 for my 1st tan.  I didn’t want to be cleaning the house when my tan was done because me, water and spray tan do not mix well AT ALL! the trouble with THAT concept was, in order to be able to clean my kitchen I needed to have all the cooking done…and in order to have all the cooking done I needed to get all the shopping done….all before 9:30 and its 6:45…


so I dashed off to Coles – got my veg, salad, chicken, comp day rice cakes and strawberries – still have tons of jam and chocolate left over from last time when I probably bought enough for 3 weeks!

Got home, packed away the shopping, and realised  I’d forgotten the capsicum and nut butter…..bugger. Never mind can get those in town.

Next I chopped up all the broccoli and put it on to steam, chopped up a kilo of chicken into small pieces and stir fried with olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, chopped up a 200g sweet potato and boiled for a few mins before putting into the oven to bake (in macadamia nut oil and nutmeg) – time check 9am!!!


Time to make  the salad for lunch, scoff down my tuna salad snack and head out the door – on the dot of 9:30! excellent.

I also needed to get dream tan as the other pot I had didn’t make it back to my house, so I just had enough time to pop into Evelyn Faye pre tan…more Uddo’s oil while I’m there. I was talking to the lady on the check out and she was asking me when my comp was and wished me good luck, then she asked about how I was going with my diet and cravings and the like – she couldn’t believe it when I said I had no trouble at all! A friend of hers who used to compete, now can’t because she has the whole thyroid thing and adrenal stress – YET ANOTHER ONE!!

Goddamit, it makes me sick hearing this and this is why I have to pick up if Melita is not going to do comp prep anymore. Its so wrong that people are getting the wrong advice and messing themselves up – its doesn’t have to be that way!!


sorry, rant over :-)

And I made it to my tan on time. phew.

I’ve got 1/2 hour between my tan and my nails so I head up to the 5th level of Australia on Collins for a quick sit down and I want to have a snooze, but I check my emails instead – its 10:30 and I’ve only just checked my emails! ? Usually thats done by 5:45!!

Ok, nail time – I seriously don’t know how people do this on a regular basis – its soooo boring!!! sitting for 1 1/4 hours while someone moulds liquid ceramic with a paintbrush!

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly appreciate the skill and steady hand that is required, but  I was thinking about all the ‘relaxing’ I could have been doing instead!  I also just wanted to sleeep!

Nails done, I scoffed down the chicken salad I’d brought with me and headed off home.

forgot the capsicum again.


get when head into town for my next tan.

Ok so back home and time to scrub the house – I  didn’t have time to do it before, so I need to unpack the dishwasher, pack it with all this mornings cooking mess, hoover, scrub the bathroom, iron some clothes for next week, and finally scrub the kitchen.


time to sit down…?

no – posing practice!

ok so a quick 1/2 hour posing, which felt good and I think I’ve finally worked out how to spread my lats in the front pose! I’ve been getting really frustrated the last few weeks as I seem to have completely forgotten how to do most of the poses – particularly the front pose. But it all seemed to come together today so I might not do any tomorrow – just to make sure I do take it easy for 30 seconds!

time check…


bugger! now I need to eat again before heading off for next tan!

I get into town a bit early so I finally get the damn capsicum, the nut butter and also some dandelion tea. I’m getting  bit anxious that my legs are flat and won’t come out – I’m so impatient and really must learn to trust the process – but I do like to know I’ve done everything I can, and Melita says dandelion tea may help, so dandelion tea it is.

Alright, tan done am looking really dark now just have to try not to smudge it all, easier said than done in my case – I seem to have an incredible knack of finding something to do that will cause streaks and splodges – maybe I should just go to bed and stay there!

Actually thats a very good idea – I’m knackered! I was going to pack my show bag, but that can wait – I’ll do it tomorrow…whilst I’m relaxing!


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