Progress Report – 7 weeks to go!

I’ve just been to see Melita and have got a good report I’m pleased to say – so now chicken salad and a cup of tea (no milk!) later I’m tucked up in bed resting my traumatized little body after what has been an eventful and ‘educational’ week :-)

As  I sit here in bed gazing out at my beautiful bay view, watching the cars on the freeway and the people playing tennis over in the next apartment block,  I’m feeling incredibly calm and appreciative of all that is happening in my life at the moment. I feel like I’m in a bit of a bubble of serenity, reflecting on things, and want to thank you all, for your kind words and support in the last few days, it means a lot to me and is very humbling to know that I have such warm generous people around me.

so where am I at? well, I can’t believe its only been 5 weeks since I made the decision to compete – its been fun, fast and full on.

My training has gone up several notches in intensity which I’m loving and I didn’t think I could enjoy it more than I already did! my trainer is loving the fact that I decided to compete and is with me all the way. I’ve really come to depend on Aiden’s strength, support and encouragement, he just seems to know and understand and most importantly I always end up laughing! I hope I do him justice when I get up on stage.

I’ve got Jo Rogers making my bikini which I’m really looking forward to seeing – do I practice my posing in the gym wearing it? now THAT would get people gawking! :-) and she sourced me some shoes after my panic – which was uneccessary as it turns out – but when I decide to do something I’m an all or nothing kind of person so everything within my control has be just right – ‘almost’ just isn’t good enough for me, so I needed the perfect pair of shoes….

I now have 4 pairs… and I’m finally happy :-)

My diet is going well – todays results were excellent. I’m down from 9.8% BF to 8.6% in 2 weeks and I’ve only lost 1/2 kg on the scales which means I’m not losing muscle and am totally on track  - Melita is happy and Aiden will be happy, he was worried that I was being cut down too soon and would lose size. Outside of the coeliac (we’ll get to that in a second) – I’m finding the diet way easier to manage than the Biosig that I’ve been doing for the last year! Mind you, having done Biosignature modulation for the last year I’m now well trained in following a very disciplined eating regime, so its second nature to be given a set of rules and sticking to them!

note to me – get a dexa scan done!

As I mentioned in a previous post, this could be one time when my coaliac is actually a distinct advantage (the irony!) in that cheating is just not going to be an issue – I can’t miss what I’ve never had. I’m very thankful that Melita is helping me.

My posing is coming along nicely, Melody was a bit surperised when I told her I’d been doing at least an hour a day – except on legs day – and was worried that I might be overdoing it, but while I’ve got the energy its probably a good idea – I want the posing to be so automatic that I dont have to think on the day and the poses will then pose me.

I’m also having a bit of fun with it. I put on the DVD of the 2009 INBA All Female Classic with the sound up LOUD so I can hear all the judges comments, all the heckling from the crowd and I am one of the competitors – especially Claire Ross – sorry Claire if thats a bit freaky, but you were clearly the best on the day so I’m going to model myself on the best  - like I say – all or nothing! Melody wants me to enter the Masters as well – which was the category Claire won on her 1st show…hmm…I wonder…

Melita also gave me some great tips today and I now know how to get my abs out! I found out that I do have a 4 pack! the other 2 will come once my stomach swelling has gone down :-)

So at the moment I’m in a very good space – mentally anyway! :-)

ok so whats going on with ‘the episode’, well this has been interesting as well (told you I’m being my own science project!). The ‘digestive system shut down’ stage, the painful bit that started on Wednesday night lasted until probably about 2am Friday morning at which point I just slept as I was pretty exhausted – I decided not to train and then completely slept through my alarm and didn’t wake up until 8am – I can’t remember the last time that happened!

So Friday I was a bit lethargic, and there were a few times when staying awake became a bit of a battle, but I wasn’t as distracted as I usually am and managed to stay relatively focused at work. I also managed to get to bed about 8:30, an hour earlier than usual, and slept very soundly until 3am, at which point I plugged into my meditation and went so deep that I didn’t ‘come back’ until about 5:30. By then I was so hungry I had a protein shake, and straight back to bed for another 2 hours of deep meditation – thats nearly 12 hours of sleep/rest and this is a light amount of sleep during an episode! :-)

Today I expected to be totally wiped out – I was really dreading the drive down to Doncaster to see Melita as I thought I’d fall asleep at the wheel, but that didn’t happen. This is where I’m noticing a deviation from the normal pattern – I’m a little short on energy and I’m tired but I’m not completely wiped out – I don’t have the whole heavy limb, lead lined eyelids, weak as a baby thing going on…my body is already healing (won’t go into detail of how I know, there is such a thing as too much information!) which I wouldn’t have expected until Monday…this bodes well, maybe I won’t have to miss any more training.

Tomorrow will be interesting – if all goes according to a normal episode then I expect to sleep for about 10 – 12 hours solidly tonight and probably have a nanna nap or 2 during the day. But I may be about to get away with this a bit more easily, and if that turns out to be the case, then I’m curious as to why – it could be that because I’ve been so clean with my diet for so long, my body and immune system are in top condition and can heal anything faster. It could be that my metabolism is so fast now that the gluten hasn’t been around inside me as long as usual so it hasn’t done as much damage as usual (hmm.. didn’t feel like that on Thursday!), it could be that I’m drinking so much water now that everything is diluted much more and is out of my body before it can do much damage. It could be that I’m glugging down BCAA’s by the bucket load (ok…scoop load) and its being absorbed directly into my bloodstream and keeping up my energy levels.

Rohan Reid also provided a possible explanation – since I stopped the CNP protein on Wednesday, I’ve been back on a combo of pure WPI + L-Glutamine as my PWO shake. As he pointed out, free form L-Glutamine may assist in the restoration of villi that get damaged as a result of gluten ingestion…maybe I’ve stumbled onto something here….

will keep up the laboratory work and let you know…maybe there’s a PhD in this somewhere…

right now tho, I have a nice piece of eye fillet with my name on it and I’ll cook it to ‘bloody as hell’ – just because the diet is restrictive, doesn’t mean I’m going to skimp on quality!


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