pose! pose! pose!

and pose some more! This is hard work! I’m beginning to get the hang of it though – I’ve got a DVD of a show so I can pose along with the competitors and its great to study the differences between the winners and the others.

the DVD I have is 2009 All Female Classic in Melbourne, where Claire Ross took out the overall figure on her 1st show! An amazing feat, and I can see why – she looked stunning, and completely poised, graceful and just owned the stage every time she was on it.

This is what I need to emulate. So I’m determined to practice every day for at least an hour (or more!)  - my transitions between the poses need to flow easily like a dance. Then I need to look totally relaxed even though every muscle is tensed to breaking point!

I’ve got to be able to do every pose facing left and right – yep gotta be an ambi poser!

Its all got to be so unconscious that there is no thinking, by the time I step on stage I need the dance to dance me

As the saying goes – champions are made in training….


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