Peak Week III – Universal Bikini Reflections

only 4 days to go!!!!

Miss Figure Universe here I come!!


how do I prepare during my last peak week?? bet you can guess…

yep, thats right….same as last time – it ain’t broke so don’t fix it!!!

Matt has taught me well :-)

I’m not going to do any cardio this week as I’m feeling a lot leaner than either of the other 2 comps – last week I shaved tiny amounts off my food so I was eating exactly the amounts on the diet sheet that Melita gave me on day 1 and I did 3 HIIT’s – I think just that little tweak has kicked my body to a new level – I certainly feel that it has as I’ve been really emotional again for no reason and in an incredibly negative head space – I burst into tears at training on Thursday – just as well Aiden knows how to turn me around!

And at the weekend I just sort of stopped – I spent the entire of Saturday afternoon in bed because I was running on empty – zero energy – how heavy are eyelids!!!

and Sunday was the same :-)

I’m going to miss my lazy weekends I think…

and then I got to thinking about what else I’m going to miss when I’m not doing this anymore, am I going to miss anything?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my me time and having the space to do my own thing and not be rushing around trying to fit in with other peoples schedules  - I’m going to miss that for sure!

the training? well – I’ve found it hard but easy if a funny sort of way – I mean Aiden loads up some heavy weights I push, pull, lift or squat until he says “ok mad dog, you’re done” then I sit around chatting – how hard is that?? I can talk underwater with a mouthful of sand – easy! Then I may or may not pull up sore for a few days.

Once I get back into mountain training – THATS going to be hard, Aiden’s evil little brain has been working overtime – I can see the glint in his eye already – he can’t wait to smash me with kettlebells, sprints, boxing and stairs – there will be no talking…at least thats what he thinks :-) we still haven’t found out what my limits are, but he’s going to do his utmost to find them!

note to self: get new weighted jacket for stair climbing – seen a nice one that can hold up to 20kg – should do the trick :-)

bring it on – am looking forward to getting outside to train now that the weather is picking up, so no I’m not going to miss the training, a bit of variety will be nice!

the diet? again – easy! its so boringly simple that there is no thinking involved – I love that! I can do my entire weeks food shopping in less than an hour and 3 or 4 days cooking in less than an hour! done!

you try biosignature modulation – then you’ll understand why I enjoy competition diet

and who needs crappy convenience food?? – that would take more time to open the packet than it takes me to throw together my lunch or tea!

and I LOVE my tuna salad in the mornings – after a heavy training session with Aiden, I’m usually hanging out for my tuna salad – I inhale it! and I’ve discovered which tomatoes I like – I didn’t really like tomatoes, but now I love those Kumato’s and little Perino tomatoes – YUMMY.

The best bit of comp diet – NUT BUTTER – how good is nut butter??  think I’m going to keep ritual of 2 (ish) teaspoons before bed, I soo look forward to my nut butter every night who needs cheats or treats when I can eat nut butter EVERY DAY!! :-)

so, strange as it may seem I will miss the diet…I’ll have to start thinking about what I eat and have to get creative again….maybe I’ll have to hire a personal chef…

The posing practice? Nope, not going to miss that – it’ll be good to have my evenings back – I’ve got other work to do now!

The bikini and heels? they’ve done their job – they get their last outing this weekend and then they’ll be hung up…for this season?? till next year? for ever…???

well thats a decision that will probably be made whilst I’m hanging off an ice axe on a volcano in Ecuador. Till then, I’ve done so much better than I ever dreamed of – who knows 3rd time lucky….? I’m just going to go out there and have fun – got nothing to lose at all – its been a blast!

I’m thinking of framing the winning bikini…it’ll go straight to the pool room :-)

along with the medals and trophies…

For someone who’d never stood on a pair of platform heels 3 months ago – duck to water! I never thought I’d say it, but yes I will miss the bikini and heels!!

The competing? yes I will miss competition day – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie backstage, I’ve met some lovely people and I think without exception everyone has been willing to help, share their knowledge and time. I love getting up on stage and although I’m competing against other people its also very individual – my performance and result is not dependent upon anyone else’s performance – which I like. I mean, if I don’t do well its because I didn’t do well and if I don’t do well, it doesn’t let anyone else fact someone else will do better :-)  I like that.

I’ve learnt so much – mostly about me and my body and how it reacts to extreme physical conditions – mountain climbing is one form of extremeness, but competing is a whole other ball game because of the dietary limitations and as it turns out my body appears to handle it quite well – the emotional side of this has been something else altogether – WOW, was not prepared for the ups and downs at all. I thought I’d got used to it but last week was a shocker! I was in a deep hole all week – really negative space, hence the tears at training!   :-)

I’m definitely not going to miss the rollercoaster effect at all!

There’s also some bizarre things I’ve learnt – like how to do up buttons with false nails on, how to paint myself from head to toe with a mini roller, how to pirouette in a pair of platform heels, how to transform into ‘Jeannie’  - and this weeks lesson – sticking on false eyelashes with the claws on. THATS going  to be interesting! :-)

So for now I’d better get to bed need my rest for my last training session of the week tomorrow, one last go at smashing my back – bring it on!

and then the fluffy stuff starts – tan, nails, massage, tan, pack! fly (as long as Qantas ARE flying…), rest, tan, tan,


I find that hilarious – a pom, representing Australia…

stranger things have happened :-)

its going to be fun! I can’t wait

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  1. very good publish, i certainly love this website, carry on it

  2. Hi Cecila

    Thank you for reading! I’m glad you like it – I have a new blog which i’ve just started as a sequel to this one – its called diary of a rookie figure champion (aged 42 1/4)

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