The results are in…again!

What results? Melita told me where to find the actual score breakdown for my categories at the Vics – well you know what a nut I am about numbers so of course I’m going to look them up!

here they are:

Figure International – clear 3rd

Figure Novice – Clear Winner – every judge ranked me 1st!  who’d have thought?? :-)

there is no breakdown for the overall, but thats ok…when I bring home the overall at the aussies I won’t need a breakdown… :-p

meanwhile, back in the real world….


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Health Guru..?

Since I’ve competed and it was announced on the CEO’s weekly blog, I seem to have become the unofficial health and fitness advisor for my work colleagues!

its quite funny – people sidle up to me and ask very quietly if they could discuss something with me and then they’ll say they want to lose weight, tone up, build more muscle but not bulk too much, should they take supplements, what should they take or whatever it is and what do I advise…

It’s quite cool as well, I’m really enjoying the concept that people think I know what I’m talking about – in fact I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve decided that this is something I need to look into a bit more. Earlier this year when I was having my career change/life direction change dilemma one of the things I thought about doing was becoming a nutritionist or dietician specialising in sports nutrition. I love the idea of helping people be as healthy as they can be. I know I don’t want to become a PT - whilst I am a people person, I’ve seen how people whinge and complain to their trainers at 6am about how tough they have it, and the pathetic excuses for not being able to train would do my head in..I dont suffer fools gladly unfortunately so would probably tell them to suck it up and get over it…

No, PT is not for me, but food has always meant a lot to me – I do love my food and of course being a coeliac I have to pay close attention to what I eat and what things are made of. I’ve managed my coeliac so well my whole life and I’m a big believer in the philosophy that you are what you eat. I’m also a big believer in the healing power of food – for example I am possibly slightly lactose intolerant – I know that if I go too mad on eating dairy food, the corners of my mouth crack and split and I occasionally get an eczema outbreak on my face  - actually this could be an acid thing I’ve discovered recently…but the way I fix this is to eat more tuna and avocados – not sure why, probably the good fats in both of them, but I’ve discovered this through trial and error – maybe thats why tuna, cheese and avocado, salad wrap was one of my favourites in a former life…

I have had eczema my whole life, it runs in our family – yet here again I get compliments on how smooth and young looking my skin is (the irony!)  - my older brother has asked me on numerous occasions what my secret is – but do you think he follows my advice? of course not! why – because he doesn’t like avocados! and ‘can’t stand drinking water’ – well unfortunately thats the answer – its up to him if he wants nice skin or not.

During the last 2 years during my whole transformation, diet has probably been the key – firstly by cutting out carbs I discovered that my body loved it and counter to what all the health media preaches I didn’t lose energy AT ALL – in fact I felt more and more well. Then I switched on to Biosignature modulation and took my health to a new level by eating even more cleanly than I was before and now I can’t believe that I can still have a ton of energy and even put on muscle despite being on such a restricted diet.

This is all fascinating to me – I told you I was going to be my own lab rat! The upshot is that I want to help other people gain the benefits out of eating well that I have gained.

So back to my work colleagues, what do I advise?

I generally ask them what they do now exercise wise or diet wise and then I tell them what has worked for me…I’m not qualified to give advice so I provide me as an example of what can be achieved and tell them a very few, very simple things that they can easily try:

- drink more water

- eat less carbs, especially refined carbs or change instead to smaller protions of smart carbs e.g brown rice instead of white rice or sweet potato instead of white potato, wholegrain bread instead of white bread

- eat more green veggies and salads

- cut down (I’m very careful not to say cut out!) the alcohol

thats it pretty much.

But you know, having asked me what I advise its like they can’t hear what I say – maybe its because its TOO simple – maybe they were expecting something complicated so they can say ‘it was just too hard’ because then I get the excuses…

‘well I have to ease into it gradually because my kids don’t like greens’

‘well I can’t do all that at once my stomach gets upset’

‘I can’t sleep unless I have rice for tea…’

‘I do try to…but…’

‘I drink tea instead of coffee does that count?’

so I know right there that they are not going to change anything…and there is a saying about no value being placed on something given away for free…

but thats ok, if they really wanted to make a change they would and I’m happy to chat to anyone at any time about diet and healthy eating.

If I help even one person make one little change for the better then thats very cool. :-)

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Great Grand Master Category!

Friday am

Ok This is REALLY not good – I’m so stiff and achy! My joints are all feeling hot, and I have a headache. I can’t remember the last time I had a headache!

My shoulders are so painful that I wake up when I roll over in bed and using my arms to push myself upright when getting out of bed takes several attempts – that might sound a little odd, next time you’re lying in bed and you get up, just watch how you do it – I bet you use your arms and shoulders!

I feel weak and shaky, opening my tuna for 2nd brekky turned into a major production – I was exhausted!

And my legs are just shot – couldn’t do my HIIT this morning so made it into a medium interval session, by the end of 20mins I could barely hold myself upright – got off the treadmill very slowly and carefully in case I tripped and twisted an ankle or something dumb. I’m walking around the office at snails pace – how hard is it to pick up my legs!

and I’m sooo cold, I’m seizing up.


Wonder if there is a Great Grand Master figure category? – I don’t think I’d stand a chance against anyone younger than 80 right now!

Friday 1:30pm

At last I’m beginning to unseize – I’m still cold, and my knees are still hot and achy – how bizarre that my hands can be an ice pack for my knees!

At least I feel like I’ve got some energy and a bit of strength back, my head is less fuzzy and I can think and concentrate a bit better now…on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being totally crap and 10 being top of the world I think I’m at about 5. Progress of sorts :-)

I wonder if its got anything to do with that fact that I’ve had my lunchtime green veggies? I’ve been looking into this whole alkaline/acid food thing and one of the things that I was advised to start taking when I first switched onto comp diet was this green powder – lifestream Ultimate Greens – moo poo I call it, because thats exactly what it smells like! Cow Poo.

Anyway the point of the moo poo is to assist in pH balancing because the high protein diet is so acidic and can cause joint pain…and headaches..and loss of energy…

hmm…going to have to discuss all this with Melita!

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Health Concerns…


The last 2 days I’ve really struggled to stay awake, I’m constantly tired and my joints are stiff and aching. I’m not recovering from training at all and this morning I had the nausea after eating breakfast, which I haven’t had since before the Vics, I felt completely weak and shaky. I’m creeping around the office like an old woman of 90!

I think I’ve hit a new level of leanness and this is just the adjustment phase – I hope! cos it sucks. The good thing is that I’m handling these steps so much better now than in the beginning. I haven’t wanted to burst into tears for no apparent reason or had the emotional turmoil that I was getting before, theres been no trips to the ladies for a cry!  although I definitely feel a bit down and am very quiet – not my usual chatty self.

At least the wrenching intense emotions, whirl of thoughts, insecurity and confusion is not there anymore - thank goodness!

I’m an ‘old hand’ at this now :-)

my dexa result last night was a little confusing though – I’ve lost weight on the scales, but have put ON muscle and fat?? so I’m 51.7kg and 6.8% body fat!!! not really sure whats going on there and the results also show strange patterns of where I lost the muscle for example on my ‘left trunk’ and right arm, but then i put on muscle on my ‘right trunk’ and left arm. I lost muscle on my right leg and added muscle to my left leg – ?? I train everything the same so how can I have patterns of loss/gain?

Oddly enough, though whilst today I feel so completely spent and out of energy, my head is all fuzzy and I can’t concentrate or think and am relying on caffeine at the moment to keep my eyes open, I am still not losing strength and I’m actually looking really solid. My muscles actually look like they’ve got some proper substance to them now.

Today we did very heavy back – the heaviest I’ve ever done, and within minutes I was looking huge! I know its all an illusion, but I was ripped up and had ‘boulder shoulders’! Awesome! Aiden couldn’t believe it!

You know, I’m not going to look like the skinny pretender at the Aussies, I’m definitely not there just to make up numbers…

So what is worrying me then? Well, Kate (the dexa scan lady) said I was so low on body fat that I’m pretty much down to just the essential amount for the functioning of my organs, which doesn’t sound good – I mean what happens if I lose any more fat? Will my organs start to shut down? Will I get sick? Will it trigger my worst fear - osteoporosis  down the track? What happens from here if I keep losing?

The trouble is I’m actually not trying to lose any more weight – I’m trying to maintain or even put on muscle!! I’m eating more protein than I probably should, LOTS of salad and veggies all with a nice dollop of Uddo’s oil and my 2 teaspoons of nut butter are…well…lets just call it ‘generous’… :-)

and then there’s my casein shake I have before I go to bed – so I’m definitely not starving myself or skimping on quantities of what I can eat – I usually feel like a bit of a fatty by the time I get to bed!

But I am getting a bit concerned as to whether I’m now in danger territory and am potentially setting myself up for long term health issues. My body has really got the hang of this lean, mean, fat burning machine idea and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon!

It’s only 3 weeks until the universe titles, but after the Aussie Titles I won’t have time to feed up in any way just to give my body a mini break so how do I stop wasting away?

Will have to see what Melita says on Saturday.

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the dexa never lies?

hmm…had my dexa scan tonight and its a bit odd – I’ve lost weight so I’m down to 51.7kg which means since Melita weighed me last Thursday I’ve lost 0.8kg, this is excellent and since the last scan 4 weeks ago I’ve put on 99g of muscle but I’ve also put on 190g of fat – so overall I’m not sure where the weight loss has come from – it must be water that got sucked in as a result of the extra carbs I was eating for that 1st week.

so where has the fat come from??? I’m now at 6.8% thats up a whole % from the Vics! :-(

here’s the comparison – its very odd – I’ve lost muscle on my left side and right arm but gained on my left arm and leg and my right side and leg. Overall I’ve gained on my arms and legs which is good, but I’ve lost on my body – hope that isn’t from my shoulders – I think I’ll get Melita to measure my shoulders and see.  The Body fat comparison is fairly evenly distributed with gains everywhere except my left side – still not sure how that is possible to lose just on my trunk – what does that mean?

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T Minus 2 Weeks to Nationals

Its been 3 weeks since the vics and only 13 days now until the nationals – I’m getting excited! I havent’ seen any pics of any of the winners from other states so I have no idea who I’m going to be competing against – but you know what, that doesn’t really matter, I am just focussing on myown preparation and my own training to make sure that I’m in as good condition as I was at the Vics.

Melita was telling me that the judges will definitely notice if my condition is not as good and it could count against me – it shouldn’t but it can and given that I know I’m not going to be the biggest competitor there, my condition is going to become critical – I must have my legs at their absolute best…you never know, it might just tip things in my favour…

If feel really comfortable about this whole thing now, I know what to expect on the day and hopefully how its going to pan out. It definitely a good thing that I’m going to have home stage advantage, I know where the light is best, I know what the carpet is like, I know I can turn easily on the surface I know its not slippery or sticky. I know the backstage area – and I know that its cold back there! and finally I know who some of the judges are going to be.

I can ‘relax’ and have fun with it, and it’ll be a great learning experience  that I can carry forward to the Universes in 4 weeks!

I’m super organised as well, I can’t believe it!

I’ve got my tans all booked, I know what food to take on the day and what to pack and what not to pack – take pashmina for cold!

Sam is all booked to do my hair and makeup again and I’ve got her booked into the Langham this time – must send her an email to confirm all this.

I’ve got nails booked for Friday and hair colour booked for Thursday evening so I think we’re looking good from a logitstical point of view. I’m not bothering with the fancy car this time, Aiden is picking me up in his jeep, which is a tip! so slumming it – going for the low key approach!   :-p

so how has my body pulled up in the last 3 weeks? how am I maintaining condition?

well on the day after the vics I actually ended up sticking to the diet – mostly – I did have a lovely lamb rack and mash followed by strawberries, blueberries, melted chocolate and cream :-) as my cheat meal which I was allowed to do – and boy didn’t I feel like a fatty afterwards! it was too much! all a bit too rich – how my tastebuds have changed!

so on the Tuesday it was straight back to the diet – my plan for the 1st week was to essentially go back to week 1 of my previous 10 week program which meant I had blueberries with my chicken for brekky, I had brown rice at lunch and an apple in the afternoon – luxury! what a lot of food! my body soaked it up – within 3 days my legs had lost all those beautiful lines and gone flat!

the 2nd week after the comp I cut out the fruit at brekky and substituted sweet potato – Aiden still wanted me to eat for this 2nd week because I just can’t afford to lose any more weight. By Thursday though I was feeling very fat! and when I went to see Melita – got a bit of a shock on the measurements – I’d put on a whole kilo AND my skin folds had gone up by 2mm on my triceps and abdomen and by 4mm on my legs – my legs were back into double figures!! definitely time to cut out the extra carbs!

so the day after I went back down to 1 carb meal a day – just the sweet potato for 1st brekky and I also have to do 6 HIIT’s this week!!! :-(

but its working – on Sunday I was looking completely ripped again and I even think I’ve put on some size on my abs which we’ve been hitting really hard – hope so! can’t wait for my next dexa scan on Wednesday! :-)

My training has been going really well, since it’s only 5 weeks from the vics to the nationals its not enough time to build up any particular area so we’ve decided to really focus on fine tuning my strengths – legs and back.

Having had a couple of weeks with extra carbs I have plenty of energy so we’ve been going as heavy as possible on my legs and I think I’ve been doing PB’s every week which is encouraging. I’ve even thrown in an extra glute session just to make sure we’re hammering those as well! My shoulders are just about hanging in there, although I’ve had to take out any sort of presses because I just have no strength at all in my left arm.

I have to do HIIT’s tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and then its posing, posing, and more posing! I’m really working on my symmetry which Michael Buna said was a bit stiff and robotic – think coathanger as Wendy said!

so I think I’m on track – am seeing Melita again on saturday for some final week diet tweaks, so hopefully my legs are back down to single figures on the skin fold…wonder if it worth me having a totally carb free day..hmmm..

better not, stick to what has worked, it wasn’t broken before, so don’t fix it now.

I must bail up Jo Rogers about my bikinis, which I sent to her for cleaning…I’m not that nervous…yet…


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sorry my inner geek has got the better of me today! couldn’t resist seeing how the numbers panned out over 10 weeks of prep!

at least I’ve made it look pretty!

These next 2 very clearly show how my body initially lost quickly when I started the diet but after about 4 weeks it had got used to the restrictions which was when we took out the bards and added cardio which provided the next shock and kept the fat loss going, even right to the end.

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So what does it take to be a figure competitor? A BIG Thank You!

When a figure competitor steps on stage looking stunning in a beautiful costume, hair, makeup and tanned perfectly, physically looking the best they can do on the day gracefully turning and holding poses to the judges command – it all looks so easy - like a swan gliding across the surface of a pond.

but what does it really take to get that one competitor up on stage?

just like the swans legs which paddle furiously under the water out of sight there are all the unsung heroes that are essential and truly deserve their moment in the sun too.

Firstly the competitor themselves – the dedication they have to show to stick to a long term plan, to stick to the diet the training, the thankless hours in the gym, to put their long term health potentially in harms way – sometimes just for the satisfaction of having made it. You don’t do it for the financial rewards thats for sure! :-)

Then there’s the trainers who come up with the plan and have to know how to work around injuries, deal with setbacks, provide motivation and support, put up with tears and tantrums (maybe)

There’s competition preparation experts who manage the dieting and leaning down process to ensure the competitor gets up on stage in the peak condition that their body will allow

The list goes on – posing coaches, choreographers, physios, chiropractors, massage therapists, hair and makeup people, spray tanners, friends, family, the backstage helpers – never ever leave these guys out! the show organisers, sponsors…

With that in mind, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has put in their time, effort  and knowledge to get me into the condition that I needed to be in on the day – and I was in peak condition, I couldn’t get any better – I hit the stage at 51.7 kg, 5.9% body fat. I was lean, I was dry, I was pumped and I won – what an amazing feeling that was! I was totally stoked to get 2nd overall – on my 1st show!!!

Melita and Matt – stand up and a take a bow – you guys totally rock! Thank you for making my 1st expedition into the world of Figure competing such an enjoyable and easy venture. I didn’t once struggle with the diet, I didn’t ever get hungry or feel in any way deprived – I did have my doubts that I could lose another 5% body fat in 9 weeks and I started at a pretty lean 10% – but Melita, you were spot on! I didn’t get overloaded by cardio requirements, I didn’t lose strength and I even put ON muscle!!

There were none of the horror stories you hear about 3 hours of cardio or cutting sodium or dehydrating for 2 days prior or encouraging smoking to kill apetite – WTF!!!??? thats just INSANE!!! or whatever,  just sensible little tweaks here and there to bring me in perfectly on the day. Thank you for all your coaching for posing and tips about stage presence – I think it was very clear that that bit worked! Great feedback from Michael Buna.

You eased my fears and doubts and explained everything so clearly, made me feel comfortable about the whole process and its unexpected side effects – very reassuring.

Aiden. :-)  he knows.

Andrea and Dale – You guys are my rocks, you’re always there when I need you, I love the fact that you’re such a die hard ‘RaRa’ fans – and you both deserve medals for still admitting to knowing me after 20+ years!

Clare Ross, Skye MacDonald, Anna Quach and ALL the backstage helpers – none of us could do this without your assistance – you are invaluable! looking forward to seeing you all in 4 weeks time, to get my bikini stuck to my bum!

Jo Rogers – for my beautiful bikinis – I was getting a little anxious that the blue one wouldn’t arrive in time, but it did and it knocked the spots off everyone else – IMHO :-p. Well if one of the judges is commenting on how it suited me better than the red one it must have stood out as a winner!

Sam – for doing my hair and makeup and coming all the way out from Lillydale 2 Sundays in a row to make me look amazing

Melody for teaching me what a pose was – I had no idea! and for suggesting that I create a whole new ‘look’ for on stage.

Michael Buna for putting in his time for free to help out with posing tips – I can’t believe more people didn’t take advantage of this! why wouldn’t you go along and get posing tips from the HEAD JUDGE when he’s offering it for FREE!!! Missed it? MISSED OUT – BIG Time! Hope he does the same prior to the nationals – I’m there!!!

Greg my chiropractor for keeping my shoulders going

Daniel (the very attractive physio!) for keeping my shoulders going

Noella Basile for keeping me sane at work whislt my body protested then adjusted to each new level of leanness

Work colleagues in general for showing so much interest, being supportive, encouraging and even concerned about my health

Mariya Mova for my photoshoots and encouraging me to give this a go

Fiona Upton for putting me in contact with Clare Ross and Clare for getting me backstage at the All Female and for putting me in contact with Melita and Matt!

Unknown lady at Paint ‘n’ Powder, in the Hub arcade who came up with the ‘I dream of Jeannie’ hair look – it was a real standout

Nikki at Zip Wax, lvl2 329 Little Collins St for doing my spray tans – she is a former competitor so understands exactly how dark you need to be, and now for going out of her way to find me someone in Brisbane who can spray me for the Universes – great tan and great customer service :-)

I love mes cheveaux for doing my spray tans

Giselle at the Illamasqua stand in Myer for coming up with my makeup look.

Thank you to all of you who have followed me on this journey and have given me your kind words when I needed a pick me up.

I’m sure there are people I’ve forgotten, and I apologise if I have.

Keep watching tho, this little swan is still gliding…

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Post comp blues….?

Monday morning

I’ve decided to do a training session – even though Sunday was full on, I feel the need to train.

I haven’t slept much at all – I dont know if its the wine but my head was just full and churning so when the alarm went off I was feeling really flat and lethargic and didn’t really want to get out of bed.

What to have for breakfast? I really couldn’t face the prospect of chicken and sweet potatoes for breakfast…


and why should I? I’ve done the comp so now I can eat normally again – boiled eggs and blueberries it is then – YUM!

I still had the car so I drove to the gym – didn’t I feel like the lazy person and I’m horribly early – could really do with a snooze or should I go and get a coffee? I can’t be bothered to do either so I just sit in the car flipping through radio stations – why are they all talking inane drivel??? will someone just play some music???

fed up with the radio I head into the gym its 7:15 -still half an hour before my session starts…I talk to the receptionist and tell her about my comp which is cool and then I sit down on one of the chairs – I REALLY can’t be bothered to get on a cardio machine and warm up, in fact I’m feeling flatter by the second – I also notice Aiden is not in – crap forgot my phone I hope he hasn’t called to cancel. So I’m slumped in the chair in reception and in walks Aiden – he looks as wrecked as I do!

He’s pissed off because his client before me cancelled at the last minute and he didn’t sleep either – lots of stuff was said on sunday night after going out, so we need to clear the air. He starts apologizing for telling me that I needed to get bigger to go further and that I wouldn’t get anywhere at the nationals because I would be up against people who had been training for years. I stop him and tell him that it doesn’t matter anyway because I’m done. He looks like a stunned mullet – he was NOT expecting that!

I’m done, finished, over it, no more comps – I know I’ve achieved a lot in just 10 weeks and to come second by a single point to someone who has spent a whole year training for that comp – well I’m pretty bloody proud of myself and I’ve decided I just don’t want it enough to keep going…just for one extra point…I don’t want to become like that girl who has no life outside the gym, I’ve got other things I want to persue, I’ve got to get my tax return done, I want to buy my ex out of the properties so I can go on with investing just for me, I want to focus on my spanish for Ecuador, I want to get my shoulders right – I’m soooo fed up with being in constant pain, I want to take it easy for a few months before starting mountain training because I’ve put my body through a hell of a lot in the last 2 years and it needs time off and besides I don’t think I can face eating chicken and broccoli for another 4 weeks…

so, air cleared, we’re back on the same page again and decide to just do a shake out workout, nothing too heavy just compounds and some plyometrics.  Aiden suggests I take the whole week off training and we’ll see where I’m at next Monday.

I head off home feeling a little better but still pretty flat – then the traffic is a total nightmare through Richmond and it takes me 45 minutes to get home!! its 5km from the gym to my apartment how can it take 45 mins!!! so now I have to rush to get showered and get the car back.

When I get home there’s a missed call from Aiden – odd, he’s never done that before…he’s left a message saying how he’s told all the other trainers about my achievement and they’re all asking if I’m doing the nationals – he’s excited, but I’m not in any mood to hear what he’s saying so I just delete the message.

now what to have for second breakfast…strawberries? yoghurt and berries? I mean I can eat anything I like now…can’t I?

I have tuna salad. In fact I wanted to eat the tuna salad – not quite a craving, but it was the only thing I felt like eating – hmmm…pavlovian…

Time to drop off the car and I head into town to get some of the photos of me printed out – I promised all the people who helped me get together my stage look that I would show them the results, so there was Nikki my tan lady , the lady whose name I don’t know from the perfume shop in the royal arcade and Giselle at the Illamasqua makeup stand in Myer.

And I’ve got to get these bloody false nails off…it took  about 1 hour to get the damn things off!!! then I picked up the photos…I got 2 of Melitas photos of me printed – damn I look good – great shots!

As I’m doing my errands there’s something niggling at me, I can’t quite put my finger on it

By now I’m starving, I pop into Australia on Collins theres an indonesian food place that does a really good beef rendang which I thought that would be just nice for lunch. As I’m standing at the counter all of a sudden the concept of eating something so rich and carb laden fills me with horror – I can’t do it – I actually want to have chicken salad for lunch…

and then I get whats been niggling at me – I’m not done, I’m not finished with this – if I quit now I haven’t taken it as far as I can, I always say when I do something it’s all in  - all or nothing – if I don’t go on and do the nationals then I haven’t gone all in..and I’ve already qualified, then there’s the Universe – its in Australia for the first time ever and I’VE ALREADY QUALIFIED!

and I can deal with eating chicken and broccoli for another 4 weeks…!

Now I have to get home in a hurry and tell Aiden not to book my Thursday training spot – its on again!

There a lot of love flying around the internet when I get home! Lots of wonderful pictures – I email Aiden and he’s right back at me and is very excited by my new decision – he’s behind me all the way!


I used to be a computer programmer and theres a software development methodology called Agile – basically it’s a very fluid process whereby requirements are broken down into bite sized chunks, then you plan how many chunks can be done in a specified period of time, usually 3 weeks, and then at the end of each 3 week cycle you show what you’ve done and have whats known as a Retro – a wash up session if you like, where you assess what went right, what didn’t go quite so well and what could be improved for the next cycle.

Well theres 4 weeks to go till the Aussies and 6 til the Universe so I decided I had time to do a retro and I asked some of the judges for feedback on my performance from Sunday – what went right, what went wrong, what could I improve upon – in 4 weeks.

What went right:

My look – feedback from a friend who used to stage manage musicals like Cats said I just stood out – I projected confidence, I owned the stage, the blue worked extremely well with my complexion and eyes, the I dream of Genie theme was an eye catcher and should become my ‘brand’!

One of the judges also commented to Melita that the blue worked so much better than the red.

My compulsories were good in general and well above average for a novice who only 10 weeks ago had never stood on a pair of platform heels!

My physique and conditioning were spot on

My legs…nothing more to add there! :-)

One judge even said ‘where have you been hiding?’ – must tell Melita about that, its exactly the impact she was hoping to obtain! Mission accomplished!

The diet – I found it easy, and it obviously suits my body – I look disgustingly healthy! not drawn or ill like some people do.

What didn’t go quite so well:

My symmetry – stiff, robotic elbows too high

Front Bicep – need to tip my butt back a bit more – hmm..thought I had that one down pat. never mind all feedback is good feedback – take it on board and fix it.

My glutes and shoulders are not really big enough (no surprises there really!) and ultimately that’s what cost me the overall – I was beaten by the more complete athlete.

I need to get some more muscle on me – one of the judges knows that there are bigger people than Sundays overall winner who will be at the Aussies…hmmm. Never mind this one is going to be all about the learning experience – where I do need to get to if….

Timing – being caught out just before my main category and getting stressed, not good

Not trusting our own game plan

What could be improved upon:

My symmetry – needs to be more fluid, more feminine, softer in the elbows

Think ‘coathanger’ was one judges comment

Bending my back as much as I can and tipping my butt to the ceiling to give the illusion that my butt is bigger it will also bring out my legs even more in the front double bicep pose.

Always be ready for last minute changes no matter how far away the next event appears to be.

The upshot of this is that I’m having doubts again about whether to go for the Aussies and Universe, I mean I know its going to be virtually impossible to get any size onto me  – I did manage to put ON ½ kg in the 3 weeks between my dexa scans and that was despite having cut down to only 1 carb meal a day and having added in the cardio 5 days week, so it may be possible, the trouble is I really need to get the size onto my shoulders, but I can’t train them properly because they’re so sore – do I just ignore it and risk doing permanent damage? Is it worth it? Do I really want this, THAT much?

I know I can improve my symmetry – practice, practice, practice

this is messing with my head big time…I know Aiden was excited on Monday when I told him I’d changed my mind and decided to go for it, but am I doing this for the right reasons? Why am I doing it? I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, being on stage, the attention of Sunday – am I doing it for more of that?

If I do the Aussies and come home with nothing to show am I going to be totally devastated? I probably will be – I mean I had no expectations on Sunday and now I do, how do I maintain some semblance of rationality here?


Am all good again. Had a good heavy training session today – really needed it after 2 days off! and we’ve come up with our new game plan for the next 4 weeks – pretty much the same as the old one!

go hard and heavy and have fun with it…it ain’t broke so we’re not going to fix it :-)

We’ve got 4 weeks to tweak and I trust Aiden’s ability to get the results he wants to see.

Have booked a dexa scan for tomorrow – its been 3 weeks since my last one, so I want to get a new baseline – hopefully I haven’t lost any more mass since the comp.

will let you know!

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Competition Day – Part 2

Wow! what a full on day – I’m not even sure I can begin to describe it, theres so much that goes on yet it all passes by in a blur, I’m sure there’ll be things that keep coming back to me for weeks!

By 6:30 I was super chilled out – great meditation, I’d gone for my forest walk, got to the top of the mountain, stood in my cirlce of excellence and mentally rehearsed every turn, step and pose I could do – all successful of course!

I’d packed, checked and repacked my bag – every thing was present and correct, breakfast was done, blog written, house cleaned…so…um…now we wait til 8:30 when Sam shows up to do hair and makeup – well I can’t get the paper and have a cup of tea yet cos the shop ain’t open and I’m not allowed to drink anything…oh well back to bed for more meditation – cool.

up at 7:30 – still super chilled – quite eerie really – though I’d be nervous or in a bit of a fluster – but no, doing well so far.

So off to get the paper, but the shop hasn’t had a delivery yet..sooo..check emails? done that, check facebook…done that…check messages…no messages…

8am off to the shop again – yay! papers have arrived – I just get back to my apartment with the paper, I’ve got half an hour before Sam arrives…

and then she arrives early! this is all good, happy about that. Make up seems to take forever – we’ve practiced ‘the look’ last week so it should be quicker and the hair seems to be causing trouble as well – I can’t see a clock so I start to get a bit anxious, but we’re all done by 11 – I can’t believe it took 3 hours to do hair and makeup!! now I’m not going to have time to read the paper after all as I have to get into my bikini and Aiden is due at 11:30.

so I’m just twisting myself in knots to get my bikini on when Aiden shows up – I love it when people are early! He didn’t want me to stress :-)

This is all going incredibly smoothly! am still very chilled out – we hop into the audi I hired for the weekend and set off following the instructions on the application form – which says to go along Elizabeth Street onto Flemington Road – easy…except Elizabeth street is a nightmare – it took us about 20 mins to go 2 blocks!! now its about 12 and I’m starting to get anxious. so we skip up around Vic Markets and onto Flemington Road – only problem now is that neither of us has any idea where we’re going and theres no GPS or Melways in the car.

Why didn’t I look up the directions on I usually do that. by now we’re completely lost and its about 12:30 – I’m supposed to be on stage in about an hour!! now I’m starting to fret. So I got Aiden to stop and I ran into a shop to get directions – we were going completely the wrong way, away from the racecourse!!

Aiden pulls a screeching U turn – he’s a bit of a hoon at heart! and we burn some rubber back in the right direction – 10mins later we’re there thank goodness! so hurry into the building and up the stairs but then where do we go? there no posters or hoardings and neither of us know what function room its in – so we just tailgate someone and fortunately we turn up in the right place and hurry backstage – by now its about12:50 so in theory I don’t have long to get ready – this is not going well, now I am stressed.

Fortunately everything is running about 40mins late – phew!! I can get a spot sit and down for 5.

Matt comes hurrying over – I think he’s also been a bit worried about where I was  - cutting it a bit fine! anyway before I can do anything else Clare – backstage supremo – is getting people to slap on the dream tan, stick my bikini to my bum and get me ready – its all happening so quickly I dont have time to be nervous! which is probably a good thing.

Aiden wants to do our pumping up but we’re told not to – which we’re both a bit surprised at, because there are other people going through their workouts – maybe its not for figure international who knows. Anyway before I really know whats going on we get the call up to assemble in the stage area for the format briefing – 1st 5 to do their favourite pose then line up on the right of the stage, next 5 to do their favourite pose and line up on the left of the stage. No individual symmetry because they’re running behind time and are trying to catch up and it’s a big group there’s 10 of us and they’ve got me sandwiched between to very tall girls so I look even smaller than I already am!

I made sure I listened – didn’t want to get it wrong and look like an idiot!

Here goes! The big moment has arrived – I’m about to step on stage! This moment that I’ve been working so hard for for the last 10 weeks is finally here – now I’m beginning to get nervous, the butterflies are kicking in…

And they’re calling my name!!! BIG breath and on I go – focus Sarah you’ve done this a million times, remember your circle of excellence – take the power, the confidence, the fun and laughter with you and show it to everyone!

BIG smile, chest out stomach in and strut! Relaxed pose…

and line up…phew that went ok – I’m shaking like a leaf – but I’m smiling so hopefully nobody can see my legs shaking!

now we’re on – ‘Ladies, place your feet together and face the front’ – ok feet at 45 degrees, tense, legs tense – but don’t tense fully this is about the symmetry not the muscularity, back bent, chest out, roll shoulders back flare lats and smile…ok got it

1/4 turn to the right – knees together, right foot drive, pivot – good surface to pivot on – this is nice and easy – back bent, chest up, elbows symmetrical twist torso – got it

1/4 turn to the right – ok pivot, heels together left arm straight and out while sweep hair off back – bend back don’t stick bum out, tense calves but not bum, shoulders and lats out – remember to lift gumpy right shoulder a fraction more – ok got it

1/4 turn to the right – repeat as previous look straight ahead and smile – got it.

and turn to face the front – stay in the front pose – some people go into their relaxed pose – should i do that? no I’m going to stick to the front pose until they tell us to relax.

this is going pretty well so far I think, I’m still shaking, but I’m not as nervous as I thought I might be I’m focusing on Melita and she looks pleased so I take some confidence from that.

We’re all asked to step to the back of the stage and then they start calling people out – they’re calling me out!!! yay – that has to be a good sign surely.

We repeat the turns, then its back to the back of the stage and ‘relax’ – I’m shaking so much, but not from nerves now – now its from having to hold the relaxed pose for so long – they call out another 3 or 4 groups and they all have to repeat their turns! I dont get another call out – is this a good thing? I dont know, but I’m not stressing about it, I’m watching whats going on with Aiden – I notice an ex client of his has turned up and has sat right behind him and he’s not happy! I’m cringing for him!

stay focused Sarah on holding pose…

all of a sudden we’re being asked to line up on the line – they’re handing out the trophies – the 4th places start to my right and get closer and the really tall girl next to me gets 4th…then…the girl on the left of me gets 4th…thats means I’ve placed!! cool!

I get 3rd!  wow!

Now the Adrenaline is kicking in, I bounce off stage – I DID IT!!  and Aiden is right there – he’s thrilled! So we hurry off back stage its about 3:00 so now theres an interval and we check what time I’m expected to be back on stage, about 4:30, I have to eat, change into my real bikini, rest, get re tanned, then have time to get pumped up for the next event.

It turns out that Aiden knows one of the judges so I send him off to get feedback. When he returns he suggests I go and talk to her. So I head off to the bathroom and bump into the judge on the way, excellent! So I ask for her feedback – it was a very close call whether I got 2nd or 3rd – condition wise I was clearly the stand out, the 1st place girl got it because she looked more pumped – WHAT?? I was told NOT to pump up – now I’m a bit angry about that. The 2nd place girl got it because her even though her definition wasn’t as good as mine I didn’t present my glutes quite enough and she is naturally well endowed in that area! :-)

Ok plenty to work with there, but I’m fuming about the misleading information – now I feel like I didn’t present myself the best that I could. Aiden arrives with his girlfriend and one of his clients, and he can see I’m pissed off so he takes me off to one side so I can vent my frustrations.

Once he’s calmed me down he advises me to use that anger for the next stage. Now I must eat, but I don’t really want to as I’m still unsettled, but I manage to force down a rice cake and jam and a strawberry or 2.

Time check – 3:40, ok maybe I should get into my bikini – just as I do that we suddenly get a warning that we’re about to go on! WHAT?? I’ve got to get retanned and pumped – for fuck sake! So poor Skye is there trying to dream tan me whilst I’m trying to work with the bands to get some sort of pump and they’re calling me to go right this second to the collecting area – I’m stressed now. I’m still trying to pump up and they’re calling me to get in line – I’ve only managed 1 set of everything! and then I’m up on stage again, too late to worry about anything else now, focus on what I need to do – FLEX EVERYTHING HARD! Chest Out, Stomach in, back arched, think coathanger, bum out, glutes switched on, smile – thumbs up from Melita – excellent!

Ok into the symmetry – turning is easy on this surface, very happy about that so my transitions are nice and smooth, take my time on the back pose to get my hair out of the way, reset my shoulders before I flex remember to lift my gumpy right shoulder a fraction, bend back…ok got it

Feeling good – am relaxed now, this is now familiar territory. The symmetry is done, now into the compulsories – front double bicep – place legs first, flex hard scrunch toes to assist glutes squeeze and quad squeeze arms in wide circle out and up bring the crown down to my head elbows out wide and…hit it!

Check with my friendly judge – thumbs up, check with Melita, thumbs up – excellent – keep smiling!

And Relax – no time to relax they move straight into side chest – remember to lean forward flex calves – got it

Straight into side tricep – arm down at 45 degrees big look at my back and hold, flex tricep hard, stomach in rotate to show all the judges – check with Melita thumbs up – ok this is going well

Straight into rear double bicep – they’re really moving us along quickly here!

Leg out flex calf, butt out, squeeze glutes bend back so it hurts arms out and up and bring the crown down to my head, elbows slightly up and forward BIG back, check gumpy shoulder and FLEX!! Yeah! Feeling good

Straight into abs and thighs – leg out front lifted in the air to bring out the definition, breathe out, out, out keep going…crunch down and they’re calling relax – I’ve just got time to rotate and show my obliques and hip flexors – done – thumbs up from Melita! Yay!

And relax. Good round – feeling confident now – nod from Melita, wink from friendly judge – this is going well.

Now they’re calling people out – ME!! I don’t move to start with I can’t believe they’re calling my number – Melita is calling out – ‘front and Centre 115’, ‘front and centre’ – they want me front and centre! Awesome!

3 others are called out and we repeat the poses – all feeling good, now I’m really beginning to hit my stride – this is easy!

Now they’re calling for posedown! Whats going on this is so quick! Ok get front and centre – run through everything and finish on a big front double bicep, get a good look at my legs – yeah!

And we’re done. Check with Melita – thumbs up, check with friendly judge, big nod – this is looking good.

All the 4th places have been given out…not to me so I’ve placed, now 3rd has been handed out…not me…this means I’ve come at least 2nd

And 2nd is handed out – NOT me!! OMG I’ve won it!! I’ve won my category at my first show!!! I’m in to the overalls!! I can’t believe it!

OMG!!! Now I’m REALLY buzzing – I can’t wait to get off stage and show Aiden – I can see him at the side  – he’s got a huge grin on his face, wow he’s as excited as I am!

I hand him the trophy and I have to run over to Melita and give her a big hug, thank you, thank you, thank you! – she tells me I was the clear winner all the way!!! This is amazing!!!

I can’t get the smile off my face, I’m bouncing up and down all over the place – Matt tells me to eat – but how can I eat I’m so excited! Lots of photos being taken, this is really fun :-)

Aiden manages to get me to calm down and re-focus. I eat a few strawberries, rice cakes, some almond paste and jam whilst we run through our plan for the overalls. We’re not going to get caught out this time. We find out what category is on now, roughly what time we’re going to be on – we’ve got about 1 ½ hours – we plan when to start our pump up – at least 3 categories before the overall and we know who is in that category, so when they get called to assemble that’s when we start our pump up.

Ok plan made I can relax – sort of. Now I watch, who’s in the backstage area, who’s pumping up, what condition are they in, what size and shape are they – we assess and feel that there’s only one girl who is close to me – and she IS a lot bigger than me – if I’m up against her then I don’t stand a chance! But we’re not thinking like that – and decide that if it all comes together then 2nd is very realistic.

So I try to relax as much as possible, and watch as each group goes out – then the marker group go out – ok time to tanup and start pumping up. Few teaspoons of honey for instant energy hit and off we go.

Now I’ve got my game head on – this is the pointy end of the day. Pump up is done I’m feeling full of energy, we get called to assemble, instructions given and then we’re up on stage – for some reason I don’t wave to the crowd this time – I mean business – with a smile of course!

Symmetry passes well – I feel that I’ve got the gumpy shoulder sorted now, I take my time on the rear poses to get my hair out of the way then reset my shoulders to level before I do the pose.

Compulsories go well –

I can’t remember if there’s any call outs or if I get called out because all of a sudden we’re into the posedown – straight away I place myself front and centre and get stuck in – big front double bicep, then abs – get a good long look at my legs – side tri and chest spin round big rear double bicep – its all going really well! Then all of a sudden the girl who I was worried about is standing next to me arm around my shoulder..what the??

So I do another pose with her and then she moves away – I decide that I’m going to go to the opposite end of the stage to her, but that means leaving the centre spot – they’re keeping the posedown going for a long time! Must be some discussions going on.

Finally its all over and we ‘relax’. Check with Melita, nod of approval, check with friendly judge – she claps her hands…interesting…does this mean I’m in with a shout? Could I really do it?

And the winner is….Anita!!! The person that we picked as my main competition – and she deserved it, she was bigger overall than me in the upper body and was in really great condition.

Now what? There’s no announcement of 2nd or 3rd place – don’t they do that? It’s a bit puzzling, so we all file off stage – its all a bit odd really, but I’m still absolutely buzzing – the whole day has been a rollercoaster!

Aiden wants to know how I did – and so do I! so he heads off to find his friend the judge – and he’s back really quickly with a huge grin on his face…I came 2nd and only 1 point separated us!!! That’s why the posedown went so long as the judges deliberated over who should win!! Far Out!

1 Point!! I’m stoked – 2nd Overall in my 1st show – I can’t quite believe it – what an amazing day!!

In a bit of a daze we head off backstage to get changed and head out for a celebratory meal.

what a day!

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