on the plus side…

so I know the diet is a complete ‘no fun’ zone – I’m on the ‘comfort’ version right now – but one thing that it does have going for it, is that its EASY!

Doing biosignature, I had all these rules to follow – 2tsp of fat all day but not with carbs, or chicken before workout or no tinned fish EVER and change chicken to a boiled egg before workout or eat tsp of cream at night, but no fruit EVER and then it might change to up to 3 cups of berries/day….AARRGH!

Too much thinking involved! I used to spend about 3 hours every sunday and an 1hr – 1/12 hours every night trying to work out what I could and couldn’t eat!

Now I get home, put pot of water on cook top, add fresh herbs, throw in chicken breast, put head of broccoli in steamer on top – boil.

put other pot on cook top with 100g brown rice – boil (does lunch for 3 days – woohoo!)

chop up veggies for salad


oh sorry I forgot one more bit – take tin of tuna out of cupboard and put in bag.

now I’m done.

1/2 hour tops and my tea is done as well as all meals for the next day

I’m loving how easy it all is compared to what I’ve been doing for the previous year!

and it only going to get easier as I’m allowed to eat less ‘variety’  - gotta love that….

for the moment :-)

going to add a big caveat here – I reserve the right to get cranky and pissed off and completely fed up with the whole ‘no fun zone’ thing!


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