normal service is resumed!

just had a wonderful massage – sooo relaxed now! what a difference a decent nights sleep, good meditation and a massage makes - turns out I was taken up by aliens and am back to feeling…well…human today!

I feel a million times better than on Tuesday when I was overtired, overwrought and just over it – running on empty and completely strung out! not fun at all.

my energy levels are back, I’m in a really positive frame of mind  - I cannot overstate the benefits of meditation! boy have I missed it

I’m feeling skinny, looking good but not scrawny…(yet!), so I’m looking forward to measuring day tomorrow and just between you, me and the entire internet, I’m quietly confident I’ll have done better than the 200g/0.4% I lost last week :-)

I had a great training session – its back day, which is my favourite day – went heavy heavy on the T bar row – still trying to get some pwo soreness, I’ll find out tomorrow

posing is coming along nicely – today I’ve taken out the novice category and overall at the All female Classic, AND the Vic Titles and now have my invite to the Australian titles….Rookie of the Year!!! well, you’ve got to have a bit of fun with it

AND I’ve located the all important backstage trackies – now just got to tart them up a bit :-)

even made progress on that project document…sort of…

welcome back brain!

welcome back energy!

welcome back PMA!

welcome back…me!

no warts today :-)

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