Miss Figure Interstate

Friday 21st October

Today I head off to Brisy for the Universe Titles!!! I still can’t quite believe that I’m going to be doing an international show..at my 3rd show!! Its so surreal, this whole figure thing has gone from a spur of the moment ‘lets see’ and has taken on  a life of its own – and I’m strapped in and going along for the ride..



I’m up and about at 4am as usual, but as I’ve set the alarm for 6am I decide I’ve got plenty of meditation time and I’m still feeling mentally and physically drained – I’ve had a touch of gastro since last Saturday and coupled with the week before’s emotional ups and downs, this is really beginning to affect my stamina in a big way – as in I have none! :-)

so plugged in, after a couple of deep intense mental rehearsals of universe day and a few ventures to the top of the mountain I’m hungry and ready to get going.

First order of the day – EAT! Chicken, sweet potato and a nice cup of tea. You know, I used to hate black tea, but I kind of like it now. Same thing with black coffee with no sugar – I’m not sure it’ll stay a regular thing once I’m back to normal, but its certainly kept me going and isn’t nearly as offensive as I used to think it was! :-)

Next on the agenda I need to pack up all my food. I’ve decided to try and take enough food to last me at least until Saturday afternoon, I just don’t want the hassle on Friday night of having to try and find supermarkets and cook when I could be completely exhausted and should be resting with my feet raised to drain any fluid from the flight. I am a bit concerned about the flying and what it will do to me – earlier in the year when I went to Adelaide for the Rugby 7′s, my stomach was puffed up like a football for days afterwards – I seriously looked liked I was 4 months pregnant!

That would NOT be a good look on stage….

so I’ve got 1.5 kg of baked chicken which I slice up and it fits nicely into one of the compartments in my wonderful ‘MuscleNutrition’ food bag that I won at the Aussie titles (its soo awesome – I  Love it!), then I make up a huge garden salad – for lunch today and tea tonight, then I’ve steamed 2 meals worth of veggies – all done and it all fits nicely into the compartments – yay!

I also pack into my food bag a selection of spices, my organic salt, comp day chocolate, nut butter, supplements, herbal tea bags and lots of packets of tuna – handy tip there from Matt – the Safcol ‘tuna ina bag’ are perfect for travelling, as you can’t take tins.

Food all sorted for Friday – happy.

Right next on the agenda – pack the tarpaulin! also got the daggy old towels – check

after show outfit – check

comp day bling, bikinis, shoes, comp day makeup and hair accessories – check

pump up bands, exfoliator band and apricot scrub for after show – check

BCAA’s, casein + lgutamine mix for 3 days – check

3 water bottles – check

doing well so far

I’ve decided to try and drink as much water as I can before the flight so I don’t dehydrate too badly and then have to play catch up – am doing well so far, its about 7am and I’m up to 1.8 litres – if I can get up to 4 by flight time, and I think the flight is 3 hours so another 2 litres on the plane should keep me on track.

7am better check if Qantas are flying!! dont want to get to the air[port and look at a departure board covered in red ‘Cancelled’ notes!

Cool – Qantas are flying and I’m all checked in – I changed my seat from mid plane to the last row…right by the toilets! Why would I want to change to that seat? Well, as you can imagine, the result of drinking so much water is that I have to go to the bathroom roughly every 1/2 hour…or less…I figure I’m going to be up and down like a yoyo so I want to know when those toilets are free! :-)

time check. its about 7:45 – feeling pretty relaxed and on track.

Ok, next thing to do is pack my hand luggage. Now usually when I fly my hand luggage consists of passport, boarding pass, and a good book. Thats it. I generally travel light whenever possible. However as today I’ve got to take my food bag, and just in case my luggage gets lost (!! I know – paranoid! soo unlike me when I travel! But I just can’t take that chance – I’m still actually nervous that I’ll get to the airport and the flight is cancelled anyway! ) I’m taking my comp bikini, skeleton comp makeup, and shoes as hand luggage. I also want to take my laptop, and my book. The trouble is I can’t take a huge kit bad AND a fairly large food bag as hand luggage, the flight attendants might just notice that and insist I check something else in.

so the only thing to do is see if the food bag fits in to the kit bag….which it does!!! YAY! now to try and stuff everything else in around it…it all fits…just…but I can’t zip it shut! it doesn’t matter how much I squeeze it and sit on it – those zips are not going to do up all the way. Oh well…maybe nobody will notice…I hope! :-)

After all that exhertion, I’m hot! and then I try to lift my hand luggage – WT….!!! bloody hell its heavy and I’ve got to lug it all the way into town to get my spray tan before heading off to the airport – its going to take me ages. Damn. I was planning to leave the house at 9:30 for 10am tan – better leave at 9:15…its normally a 20 min walk, but this is really going to slow me down.

Shit now I’m a bit behind its 8:45 – that took waay too long, I’ve got to eat and clean the kitchen – I know – but I hate coming back to a filthy kitchen!

all done, 9:20 final run through…tarpaulin, shoes, bikinis, makeup, hair bling, towels, after comp outfit, food, laptop, book, supps, exercise bands, camera – check

contest colour…

where is the contest colour?

and the body shimmer?

bugger! nearly forgot that tan and body shimmer!!! How could I possibly nearly forget the tan and top coat!! Isn’t that what my nightmares were trying to tell me??! that  should have been number one on the list!

phew! glad I remembered just in time, quickly undo my case and squeeze in the contest colour, 2 types of top coat (don’t know which one I’m going to use so better have both!), mini roller and painting sponge – now I’m running late..and its bloody well raining – shit, do I wear my rain proof jacket and get all hot and sweaty or do I try and take a brolly?

I go with brolly – this is going to be tricky – I’ve got my camera slung over one shoulder, I’ve got my hand luggage tearing out my other shoulder, I ‘ve got my wheelie case and a brolly!

I manage to get out the door – I know I’m supposed to be strong, but this is going to test me right now!

Head down off I plod into town to get my tan. After about 5 mins, I have to stop and put the hand luggage down – its killing my shoulder, I’m going to have to repack the airport and try to make it lighter. Off I go again and make another 5 mins before I stop and rest – I’m running out of energy, my shoulders are hurting and I’m all hot and sweaty – now I’m starting to get pissed off.

Ok I can do this, just make it over the bridge to the lights by Dohertys  Gym then I can stop again.

right made it, now its just 150meters to sportsbet where I can dump everything in the changing rooms – its raining really heavily now, thank goodness its not windy as well – trying to juggle all these bags and fight a strong wind would be beyond me right now. How is it I’m now in a complete stress when I had it all under control!

Made it to sportsbet! phew. I throw the bags in the chaning room, I’m late for my tan, I have to pee, I’m all hot and sweaty my tan has rubbed off where the bloody kit bag kept banging on my hip – not happy.


I grab my phone and run out of the changing rooms trying to call Nikki to say I’m on my way, then as luck would have it (or not!) I run into a friend who I haven’t seen for ages and who wants to catch up – but I dont have time to chat so I just give a brief wave as I run past on the phone, juggling the bloody brolly.

10mins late and I need to sit down for 5 to catch my breath and calm down after the 2 flights of stairs up to the tan place

ok, ready to go – I ask Nikki to do the blend she did last time – its super dark, I love it and it has to last until saturday morning – so lets go dark dark dark!!

alright!!! Looking good – am a deep chocolate brown, yay! time to get to the airport!!

Its all changed at the airport – all I have to do is drop off my bag because I’m already checked in. Easy right? But there’s no bag drop counters…they’ve all gone! All there is now is a row of bag drop conveyor belts with touch screen consoles next to them…hmmm…

So i head to a free conveyor belt and put my case on it – it weighs 18.5 kg!!! crikey! what the hell did I put in it??? no wonder I struggled dragging the bloody thing into town along with my kit bag full of rocks!

right so how does this thing work…hmmm..touch screen…scan bar code on boarding pass..

its not scanning…hmmm..try one of the other bar codes….

nope still not scanning.

stupid machine.

ok lets try my qantas card – just as well I’ve got one isn’t it? ok card scans…now its telling me it can’t read the luggage tag…what luggage tag?? I don’t HAVE at luggage tag…how do I get a bloody luggage tag when there’s no freakin desks where they print luggage tags!!!

so now I’m going to have to go and find out where to get a bloody luggage tag printed – not happy, I thought it was supposed to be QUICKER and EASIER…

its only quicker and easier for the qanatas staff who no longer have to sit behind a desk printing luggage tags!!!

ok breathe, calm – somehow I’ve managed to walk past the bank of self check in consoles. So now I have to go through the check in process again and I get my luggage tag printed and now its back to the conveyor belt to try and get the damn thing to put through my bag.

What annoying about this process is that at each stage I get asked the same questions – do I want this seat (yes), do I have dangerous goods (no) – you’d think that they’d link the systems so that by answering the questions at the first stage in order to get your luggage tag printed, you dont have to do it again when putting your bag on the conveyor belt.


Finally my bag goes through, I’m in a shitty mood by now – its 11:00 only an hour before my flight, I wanted to be in the qantas club relaxing by now.

Now i’ve just got to get through security – I really hope they let me take the food through, I just don’t want the hassle of arriving in Brisy having missed potentially two meals.

They let me through – phew, qantas club here I come I need to get some water into me and have an earlyish lunch.

I can’t settle in the qantas club, I’ve got abut 25 minutes before boarding but I’m up and down every few minutes getting another glass of water or heading to the ladies or browsing the magazines or buying some bottle water. I inhale lunch, then decide i need to put BCAA’s into the water – which involves unpacking several things from my kit bag – I’m like one of those dotty old bag ladies, pulling things out of a bag and shuffling things and putting them back into the bag in exactly the same order!

Time check…11:50 – why haven’t they called the flight? it should have been called at 11:45…oh no! don’t tell me there’s something wrong – don’t tell me I’ve gone and jinxed it with all my negative thoughts…it says go to gate, so thats what I decide to do – am starting to get quite anxious now.

Dammit – I’m at gate 12 – its the furthest gate from the qanatas club, I’ve got to lug the kit bag for miles and the zip tag just broke so its all hanging open – great. So off I go…it takes 5 mins to get to the gate as I have to stop 3 times to rest! I have a bruise on my hip where this bloody bag is hitting me…the only bonus I can think of is at least it wont be this heavy on the way back because I’ll have eaten the food and won’t need to be carrying 2 litres of water!

At the gate, there’s a lot of pissed looking off people milling around, obviously there has been no announcement about whats going on – its 12 and we’re supposed to be departing at 12:05 – no chance of that now. I’m wondering if I should head back through security to the check in area and investigate getting another flight…I am really getting stressed by this – I just want to get to Brisbane!

then we get an announcement – the plane was late arriving so its just being cleaned and we’ll be boarding in 10 minutes. Ok, I can wait…

I think…

ok, 10 minutes are up….nothing happening…come on…I want to get to Brisbane..TODAY….

finally they open the doors and I’m in the first section called…shuffle shuffle shuffle…present boarding pass – it doesn’t scan. Not again, so the attendant tries again and again and it just wont scan – for F***s Sake! She’s about to send me to the desk to get a new boarding pass when the other attendant displaying some of that all too rare commodity -common sense – suggests she ‘just put me through’


Finally! I’m on the plane, more bag lady shuffling of stuff and I can finally sit down – I cant relax though, I try to read my magazine, but I can’t concentrate, I flick through the qantas magazine check out the entertainment – but not really interested.

It’s not a very full flight so I have a spare seat next to me – always nice, means I can curl my feet up on the seat and not get puffy ankles – yay! this is good news.

now get this plane off the ground….

but no, not to be – we’ve now missed our slot so its going to be 20 minutes before we get another…


I’m starting to not care any more – can anything else go wrong?

yes it can….

now the weather is causing havoc – the clouds are so low that air traffic are being super careful getting planes landing and taking off, so theres 7 planes ahead of us so once we do move into the queue we have no idea how long we’ll be waiting for take off clearance.

oh well, what will be will be.

might as well see what films are on…nothing really grabs my attention so I go for ‘Bridesmaids’ that should be a compolete no brainer – might even be able to fall asleep – am really beginning to fade.

ooh! we’re rolling – we’re pulling back from the gate, this is progress.

back to the dumb film

after about anther 20 mins we’re out onto the runway – we’re about to go…GET THIS PLANE INTO THE

yay!! at long last – about an hour late (only an hour??? feels like DAYS!!) we finally take off – NOW I can relax. I’m so tense.

The rest of the flight is nice and uneventful and we soon arrive in a sunny brisbane.

I’M HERE!!! WooHoo!!

Now i’m excited – lets get to the hotel and check in, I’ll register as soon as I can, get unpacked and then get my legs elevated.

I’m so exhausted, I sleep most of the way. the taxi driver can’t get me to the door so I’ve got about 50m to drag the rocks…

but its the wrong hotel!! The taxi driver dropped me at The Oaks Festival Towers – how does that sound anything like The Oaks CHARLOTTE Towers????

bloody hell. Sense of humour is definitely being stretched to breaking point.

So now I have to walk 100m back down the street in the direction I just came from – I’m hot, tired, cranky, hungry and thirsty.


again…has not been a smooth day so far, I just need to sit down and recouperate.

I finally get to my room – its pretty cool and I’ve got 1/2 hour before I can register. BIG sigh of relief…I can unpack, have a cup of tea and then go and get my number!!! :-)

3:05 off up to room 2208 – we have to be buzzed up – but guess what – it doesn’t look like the floor release is working! there’s 3 of us trying to get up and the button in the lift just wont stay activated – finally we get a staff member to select the floor.

And then they’re having system issues! What is going on today? – there’s gremlins in the air or something!

I’ve got my number!!! :-)


Lauren Webb another victorian was just in front of me and she got 90 – my successful number from the Vic Titles – lucky Lauren.

Jason who checked us in is quite confident that they’ll have the event running EARLY (maybe they could give some tips to INBA Victoria!!) so he advises us to be there at least an hour before our category and there’s buses every 1/2 hour.

I’m on at 11:10, 1:35 and 4:10 so I think I’ll get the 8:30 bus. I want to be there nice and early, check in with Jo, find Lindy Olsen, and I’d like to take some good photos for Melita. The overall Physique is on at 9:25 so I should be there just in time, then I can get some shots before heading backstage and pitching my spot.

ooh that means its going to be an early start! I have no idea how long its going to take me to get my makeup on and hair done – I’ve done a little practice and I can get my face done in about 30mins – thats without the eyelashes though..so maybe an hour for face. Then I think hair will also take at least an hour and a half, because I haven’t been able to quite get the hang of the twisting and putting the clips in the top knot is really fiddly. So that means at least 6am…oooh!

I’ve also got my INBA Universe 2011 t shirt and hat – I’m quite chuffed with that – gives me a bit of a shiver…this is really happening and they’ve got Kit bags…Australia Kit bags – in green and gold – I’m going to get one…for representing Australia.

canI just say that again…?

I’m representing Australia.

I will get on the plane on Monday with a green and gold bag that says ‘Australia’ on it.

WOW. I’ve got goosebumps.

All of a sudden I have a little moment – I don’t know what to say.

I hope I do everyone proud.

Alright, now I’m done with everything, I can finally get to my room and chill out – and boy do I need it, am exhausted – I bumped into Nikki Smith in the foyer and she told me that I looked  ’out of it’ so definitely time to make friends with my new home.

here’s my new home for the next few days – its pretty nice

I really do have a tarpaulin on the bed!

And I f0und these brown blankettes in the cupboard – how thoughtful of the hotel to provide something I can use as an alternative to my towels! :-)

phew! sofa, tv, cup of tea, food and rugby – now I’m happy

I made it – I am Interstate, I am settled in now I can just take it easy and switch into normal countdown.

listen to me…talking like I’ve been doing this forever


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