Lovely Bones!

I finally had the x rays I’ve been asking my physio for and…

good news! I have lovely bones! :-)

Apparently, Daniel (the very attractive rugby playing kiwi physio – I do have the best luck!) was worried that my shoulders might be chalky – supposedly its a common problem with body builders, you get some bone disintegration through overuse…or something like that – wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying :-p

Anyway its all good, no chalk, just trauma of the AC Joint. So structurally my shoulders are sound just mechanically they’re not so good and that can be sorted out by….

not training…

right…like thats going to happen in the next 7 weeks!

Fortunately he’s all on board with me continuing training and realizes that his job is just going to be keeping things in one piece

I sort of promised to take it easy after the comp…for a short while before I start mountain training that is…I may have had my fingers crossed behind my back tho :-)

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