Lost in translation – or are PT’s just sadistic?

Ok so I failed English Language at school – well I couldn’t really see the point of studying it, me being English ‘n’all – anyway loooong time ago, but I’m thinking that maybe English English and Australian English are not the same… I’ve been in Australia for 13 years now, so I have probably picked up a few of the colloquialisms and maybe it’s not just my poor liguistic skills….

so what am I rambling about? well, my trainer txt’d me yesterday to see if I was feeling better – so I said yes and I would be at training today and… he needed to ‘be gentle’ :-)

so we’re doing straight single leg lunges with a barbell across my shoulders – I thought it was quite heavy and so I mentioned how weak I was today and then I only managed 15 lunges per leg – normally I can squeeze out 20, which sort of confirmed to me that I was a bit below my usual standard

hmm..this doesn’t bode well for the rest of the session..

next unilateral leg presses – its was HEAVY!  damn..really struggled. I was beginning to think it was going to turn into one of those sessions which are a long hard grind, you know one of those when you just have to grit your teeth and sweat it out.

So when I finally was able to crawl off the leg press machine and was about to mention this to Aiden – I noticed that he was trying desperately not to laugh at me

whats so bloody funny?

just cos I’m a bit underdone there’s no need to rub it in…

he’d only gone and upped the weights by 10kg so PB’s on both exercises!

‘Gentle’ my arse! sneaky bugger :-)

so is that a case of Lost in Translation…or are PT’s just sadistic?


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