Lets not forget the Training..

I realised I haven’t said anything about training! Of course I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for the training…

Suffice to say I LOVE THE TRAINING – if you’re going to go this far and compete then you have to love the training otherwise how are you going to motivate yourself to get out of bed on a cold winters morning in the dark and cycle to the gym in the rain so that you can push, pull or lift weights so heavy that your legs collapse under you and your trainer has to pick you off the floor or your arms are so spent you can’t even lift the drink bottle…you have to love the days of soreness where you can’t walk or it hurts to dress yourself because this is where your body is growing and shaping itself.

It certainly helps if you have a very attractive trainer  (lucky me!) who can make you laugh as he tells you to ‘suck it up princess’, but on the other days you still have to push yourself as hard and it can be very frustrating if you don’t see results. I’ve been incredibly lucky in that my body appears to completely love this heavy resistance work, because even after 5 months, virtually every week I’m still seeing something new, its been incredible and of course very motivating – I’m always wondering what next week will bring, what new muscle will appear to have grown or what new vein will pop out or new lines of definition.

However, it hasn’t all been plain sailing, both of my shoulders are screwed – thats a technical term a physio told me back in February, and now my new physio thinks I may have torn the cartilage. not good.

So the whole time I’ve been working towards my photoshoot and now this preparation I haven’t really been able to seriously train my shoulders and I am in constant pain. Some days I can’t lift the drink bottle because just the movement of stretching my arm to grab it is too painful. This is frustrating, because it also impacts every upper body exercise you can think of! Some days I feel like I’m going backwards when I can’t even lift a 1kg dumbell!

My trainer has been excellent in working around this so I’ve still been able to add some extra muscle and shape to my shoulders – but I can’t help wondering what might have been…

The type of taining I’m doing now has completely changed from the weeks prior to my photoshoot – then I was doing a lot of plyometric, high intensity work – hill sprints, boxing, giant sets to burn off as much fat as possible and bring out definition. Once I decided to compete though, I switched back to heavy resistance only and no cardio to try and get a bit of extra mass on to me before I got into the serious diet phase where I could lose muscle.

so this is my weeks training split – I work with Aiden on Monday and Thursday and we work on smashing my best features – legs and back. Then Tuesday is Shoulders/Calves, Wednesday – Chest/Biceps, Friday – Glutes/Abs, Saturday – Triceps/Hammies, Sunday is rest day – and boy do I need it :-)

I’m going to have to add Bikram yoga on a sunday because I need to increase my flexibility for the posing – want to get A+ next time I see Melody in 4 weeks :-)

better head off, its time to eat! hmm…chicken and salad or chicken and steamed veggies….oohh the dilema…


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