Legs PB’s!

Legs day today, a good heavy session. Legs day is HARD, thats why I make sure I train them when I have a session with my trainer – otherwise I certainly wouldn’t be working them to the point where I can’t stand up anymore! :-)

I think I’m a freak sometimes I seem to get stronger after being smashed and today did a PB on the arse to grass squats! (I’m sure they have a proper name but I dont know what it is) and this was right at the end of the session AFTER the barbell squats, walking weighted lunges, single leg hack squats and single leg, leg press (which my trainer had to lift me off) and the single leg smith machine squats…am thinking that ‘mad dog’ is appropriate nickname…it used to be princess….

oh – then I had to cycle 5km to work…ouch! Hopefully I’ll be REALLY sore tomorrow…

ok, now I’m just being weird…

so far…and I realise this can’t continue….I’m not suffering much energy loss due to restricted diet…mind you it could be because I fell off the wagon twice last week….yeah BIG guilt trip now about that. best behaviour now!

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