Just another bloody Wednesday…

ok EVERYTHING is annoying me today

I have sore throat – hope I’m not coming down with one the many ailments that doing the rounds at work

Why do I suddenly have a blister from my posing shoes – I’ve been wearing them for weeks now and have walked into town

on them several times with not a blister in sight!

At the gym why can’t people put their weights away? why should I spend time putting YOUR weights away before I can set it up to do MY training? inconsiderate bastards. what did your last slave die of?

and not only that, PUT THEM BACK IN THE RIGHT PLACE – I mean seriously how hard can it be to put a 10kg dubmbell in the slot marked 10kg?? not 6 or 8 but 10…its not difficult people!

AND STOP HOGGING THE MACHINE WHEN YOU’RE ON THE PHONE!!! you’re clearly NOT working out so get the fuck off it and let someone else use it for its intended purpose!!

Why are you on the phone anyway?? you’re at the GYM…ever heard of working out??  pretty boys…

And wipe your sweat off – eeeuwwghh!! obviously that was not the same person as the one on the phone…

why is it that my shampoo/my moisturiser/my water bottle/my hair straigtheners always fall off the bench? stay where I put you!

why did my bike lock jam so I had to take off my backpack and get down on my knees in the middle of collins street to find why the keyole has twisted – and I was wearing a skirt and heels today

why when I opened my PWO shake did it splash all over me? I open the bottle the same way every day…


and I was in such a good mood when I woke up!

anyway am implementing Plan D to counteract the fuzzies today – Plan D is to eat more frequently than usual

8:30 PWO shake + cup of tea

9:30 tuna salad + green tea

10:30 blueberries + cinnamon + green tea – I usually have the bluberries at 5:30 brekky

11:30 cup of tea (if required)

12:0 lunch + cup of tea

1:0 green tea

2:0 coffee (if required)

2:30/3:0 snack


well Plan D has all gone to pot – had a meeting till 10 so everything is off plan now, so I had morning snack and bluberries + cinnamon all at the same time :-)


uh oh…nosebleed

hmm…this started happening when I was about 6 weeks out from Kili when I pretty much trained myself into the ground – then I got on the plane with a raging fever, chest infection…and a nosebleed…

I think this is my bodys way of saying ‘give me a break!’

better be nice to myself tonight and have the night off – no cardio and no posing

just as well I’ve done my HIIT’s for the week :-)


stuffy head, sore throat is worse,  I’m definitely coming down with a cold – damn.  Hopefully its just a 24hr thing

more water required


I’m going to take advantage of the fact that my manager is not here and I’ve finished my project document and slide off home – a nice hot bath and cup of tea then bed for me :-)

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