Health Guru..?

Since I’ve competed and it was announced on the CEO’s weekly blog, I seem to have become the unofficial health and fitness advisor for my work colleagues!

its quite funny – people sidle up to me and ask very quietly if they could discuss something with me and then they’ll say they want to lose weight, tone up, build more muscle but not bulk too much, should they take supplements, what should they take or whatever it is and what do I advise…

It’s quite cool as well, I’m really enjoying the concept that people think I know what I’m talking about – in fact I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve decided that this is something I need to look into a bit more. Earlier this year when I was having my career change/life direction change dilemma one of the things I thought about doing was becoming a nutritionist or dietician specialising in sports nutrition. I love the idea of helping people be as healthy as they can be. I know I don’t want to become a PT - whilst I am a people person, I’ve seen how people whinge and complain to their trainers at 6am about how tough they have it, and the pathetic excuses for not being able to train would do my head in..I dont suffer fools gladly unfortunately so would probably tell them to suck it up and get over it…

No, PT is not for me, but food has always meant a lot to me – I do love my food and of course being a coeliac I have to pay close attention to what I eat and what things are made of. I’ve managed my coeliac so well my whole life and I’m a big believer in the philosophy that you are what you eat. I’m also a big believer in the healing power of food – for example I am possibly slightly lactose intolerant – I know that if I go too mad on eating dairy food, the corners of my mouth crack and split and I occasionally get an eczema outbreak on my face  - actually this could be an acid thing I’ve discovered recently…but the way I fix this is to eat more tuna and avocados – not sure why, probably the good fats in both of them, but I’ve discovered this through trial and error – maybe thats why tuna, cheese and avocado, salad wrap was one of my favourites in a former life…

I have had eczema my whole life, it runs in our family – yet here again I get compliments on how smooth and young looking my skin is (the irony!)  - my older brother has asked me on numerous occasions what my secret is – but do you think he follows my advice? of course not! why – because he doesn’t like avocados! and ‘can’t stand drinking water’ – well unfortunately thats the answer – its up to him if he wants nice skin or not.

During the last 2 years during my whole transformation, diet has probably been the key – firstly by cutting out carbs I discovered that my body loved it and counter to what all the health media preaches I didn’t lose energy AT ALL – in fact I felt more and more well. Then I switched on to Biosignature modulation and took my health to a new level by eating even more cleanly than I was before and now I can’t believe that I can still have a ton of energy and even put on muscle despite being on such a restricted diet.

This is all fascinating to me – I told you I was going to be my own lab rat! The upshot is that I want to help other people gain the benefits out of eating well that I have gained.

So back to my work colleagues, what do I advise?

I generally ask them what they do now exercise wise or diet wise and then I tell them what has worked for me…I’m not qualified to give advice so I provide me as an example of what can be achieved and tell them a very few, very simple things that they can easily try:

- drink more water

- eat less carbs, especially refined carbs or change instead to smaller protions of smart carbs e.g brown rice instead of white rice or sweet potato instead of white potato, wholegrain bread instead of white bread

- eat more green veggies and salads

- cut down (I’m very careful not to say cut out!) the alcohol

thats it pretty much.

But you know, having asked me what I advise its like they can’t hear what I say – maybe its because its TOO simple – maybe they were expecting something complicated so they can say ‘it was just too hard’ because then I get the excuses…

‘well I have to ease into it gradually because my kids don’t like greens’

‘well I can’t do all that at once my stomach gets upset’

‘I can’t sleep unless I have rice for tea…’

‘I do try to…but…’

‘I drink tea instead of coffee does that count?’

so I know right there that they are not going to change anything…and there is a saying about no value being placed on something given away for free…

but thats ok, if they really wanted to make a change they would and I’m happy to chat to anyone at any time about diet and healthy eating.

If I help even one person make one little change for the better then thats very cool. :-)

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