H.I.I.T by the wall

a very strange thing happened when doing my HIIT this morning – I actually felt the point where my body had used up whatever energy I’d gained from brekky and it had to tap into whatever else it could find – I guess that would be what little fat is left on me.

You know when you watch the sand in an hourglass it seems to empty slowly to start but then as it nears the last grains the top bit seems to empty more and more quickly, well it felt like that - the last remnants of energy draining out of me…

after that is was just tough going…

I got H.I.I.T by the wall.

Head on.

I’m still completely out of energy even after having PWO shake, everything is stiff and heavy again, I can’t concentrate

really neeeed 2nd brekky!


neeed sleeeep! can’t function. have just sort of ground to a halt. fuzzy head, sore knees. no energy

come on coffee – work! there’s definitely no-one home and the lights are…flickering intermittently…just!


made it to lunch – just…

and now there’s some semblence of functionality returning – am very cold, yet my knees and elbows are burning.


I can finally function again – trying to get some work done, whilst the going is relatively good


gotta go home…stuffed.

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