Ground Control to Miss Figure Victoria…

Monday 3rd Oct

whoa maaan! I’m a complete space cadet today! after spending most of the weekend in bed resting and sleeping, I slept so well last night I was woken up by my alarm clock – I never get woken up by my alarm clock!

I’d slept for a solid 7 hours even after all the sleep I’d had at the weekend – unbelievable!

my body is REALLY telling me that it needs a break – very bad timing tho with only 6 days till the nationals and I’m as weak as a kitten.

I even got the tram to training…

having left my bike in the city on Friday, I thought I’d get into town early to pick it up then cycle to the gym, but I felt so tired and out of it that I got the tram…and then I slept all the way to the gym.  not good.

Fortunately I was at Vic gardens very early so I had time to get a much needed coffee – I felt a little more with it after that but my legs are still very stiff and shaky.

Which made training interesting – Aiden loaded up the leg press and I couldn’t even move it!

I told him to stop playing with me just because I’d said I was not on top of my game there was no need to load up extra, like he did when I had my coeliac episode…but he said he’d taken 20kg OFF…

not sure I believe him, because I still couldn’t move the damn thing.

And after the first set I just wanted to sleep! I just sat there on the leg press with my eyes closed. Usually that first set gets me pumped and the 2nd set we go heavier, not today – exhausted.

That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the session – very hard work and somehow I’ve got to get through a cardio session today….will leave that until tonight I think.

S on the tram back to work I was completely out of energy and kept vaguing out – you know when you just stare into nothing and there’s nothing going on in your head, which feels light and fuzzy and every limb weighs a ton – that feeling, its like your body is encased in concrete but your head is full of helium…

mind you there’s some might say that my head is full of helium all the time…


I don’t think I’m getting sick because I’m eating like a horse and usually my appetite is the 1st thing that goes..but my tuna salad this morning evaporated from the plate so quickly I think it was gone before I even registered that it twas there! could have eaten 3 times the amount!

its going to be a looong day…another dose of caffeine required…

4:09 pm

finally feel like I’m back in body – still using my cold hands as ice packs for my hot knees…

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