Great Grand Master Category!

Friday am

Ok This is REALLY not good – I’m so stiff and achy! My joints are all feeling hot, and I have a headache. I can’t remember the last time I had a headache!

My shoulders are so painful that I wake up when I roll over in bed and using my arms to push myself upright when getting out of bed takes several attempts – that might sound a little odd, next time you’re lying in bed and you get up, just watch how you do it – I bet you use your arms and shoulders!

I feel weak and shaky, opening my tuna for 2nd brekky turned into a major production – I was exhausted!

And my legs are just shot – couldn’t do my HIIT this morning so made it into a medium interval session, by the end of 20mins I could barely hold myself upright – got off the treadmill very slowly and carefully in case I tripped and twisted an ankle or something dumb. I’m walking around the office at snails pace – how hard is it to pick up my legs!

and I’m sooo cold, I’m seizing up.


Wonder if there is a Great Grand Master figure category? – I don’t think I’d stand a chance against anyone younger than 80 right now!

Friday 1:30pm

At last I’m beginning to unseize – I’m still cold, and my knees are still hot and achy – how bizarre that my hands can be an ice pack for my knees!

At least I feel like I’ve got some energy and a bit of strength back, my head is less fuzzy and I can think and concentrate a bit better now…on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being totally crap and 10 being top of the world I think I’m at about 5. Progress of sorts :-)

I wonder if its got anything to do with that fact that I’ve had my lunchtime green veggies? I’ve been looking into this whole alkaline/acid food thing and one of the things that I was advised to start taking when I first switched onto comp diet was this green powder – lifestream Ultimate Greens – moo poo I call it, because thats exactly what it smells like! Cow Poo.

Anyway the point of the moo poo is to assist in pH balancing because the high protein diet is so acidic and can cause joint pain…and headaches..and loss of energy…

hmm…going to have to discuss all this with Melita!

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