Graduation day!

I ‘graduated’ from ‘Posing Kindy’ today! :-)

Melody was so pleased with how I’ve progressed in the last 4 weeks that she says she doesn’t need to see me again and she suggested I also enter the Figure International category as well as novice because my symmetry was so good – somehow I must have remembered all the tips Melita and Matt have given me and applied them all at the same time – even managed to suck my stomach in :-)

so do I stop there?  no no no…I said kindy for a reason…more practice required! I’m still not happy with my transitions, and if I’m tired I get very wobbly and lose the pose (plot?!) very easily so I still need to build up some stamina. The abs and thighs pose does me in so I need to learn to breathe through my pores…just kidding!

a lot of polishing and flair is still required – stage presence I think its called :-)

I gave my self the rest of the day off for a bit of retail therapy as a reward :-)

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