fright night!

can I just say what a very smart lady Melita is!

she gave me exactly what I needed on Friday…

a complete fright!! :-)

ok so heres what happened – I turned up at Genesis gym nice and early - I was going to do a full dress rehearsal with the hair, bling, face and everything and that takes me about an hour to do – on good day however I hadn’t factored in the new talons which suddenly make the easiest of tasks quite difficult – tying shoelaces anyone? and doing up buttons – well forget that!

so I just about made it and met Melita downstairs then we headed up into the main studio where Matt had just finished a class. There were a few other people kicking around, so I breezed in and stripped off in front of everyone

no worries I’ve done that before – I’m looking good – and I know it :-)

then Melita announces

‘Sarahs going to pose for us’

what? me? WHAT?!?? NOW???

NO!! I can’t do that!

and sure enough I was so nervous, my legs turned to jelly I couldn’t get into the poses, then I couldn’t hold the poses and I couldn’t turn, front double bicep whats that???

oh dear, my confidence went out the window completely – if this is how I’m going to be on the day then it doesn’t matter how good I look – if I can’t bring it, then its game over.

so I had my photo shoot on sunday in full get up and I thought while I’m all tanned up I wanted to surprise Aiden by doing a full dress walkthrough at my training session on Monday – like you do!

So I turn up at fitness first at 7:30 – the place is full as you can imagine, rows of people pounding out their miles on the cardio machines – and I strut my way through to the class studio – I’m looking good and I know it! :-)

that was easy, I thoroughly enjoyed the bemused, surprised looks on everyone faces!

and then I got onto the stage in the studio – uh oh! jelly legs, again poses went out the window, my feet got stuck on the rubber surface, I felt weak and sick to my stomach – where is this coming from? I’ve been practising in the gym for weeks now with no trouble at all

By the time Aiden had finished wih his previous client and came to start our session I was shaking so much I could barely stand!

yikes – I need to knock this on the head ASAP!

But as soon as I got off the stage and was strutting back through the gym I was all confidence again!

lesson learnt – more practice required!

find a happy place..find a happy place…

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