fright night…again!

well bad omens and its show day!

confidence has taken a bit of a hit – last night I broke a nail!

that might sound trival, but if you’ve ever had acrylics put on you know thats like having your whole nail ripped out by its roots – it *&&*^% hurts! Acrylics are essentially a bit of shaped plastic superglued to your finger nails then covered with liqudised acrylic that sets like concrete. They are hard! they dont bend and they dont come off until you soak them for an hour or so in acetone. so to break one is painful to say the least and now I’m going to look like I’ve only got 9 fingers.

And thats not the only thing – I’ve had one of those wake up sweating dreams again, and yet again it involved my tan! I’ve obviously got some deep seated fear about tan’s going on!

This time though, I was up in Brisbane with 2 of my fellow competitors, we left the hotel on the morning of the show to go and get brekky…

so we’re sitting in a cafe eating our bacon and eegs  ( its show day..!!???) and i noticed my formerly beautiful dark chocolate tan that i’ve had sprayed on the last few days has just flaked off…

not just a little bit of flaking – huge gaping chunks and underneath I’m completely white – it hasn’t stained at all!!

then we head off to the Sleeman centre where the show is and byt the time I get there my tan has all totally flaked off – I’m white again – goddamit!

I’m sure I saw an extreme tan sign on the way in and the other 2 girls have  disappeared so I assume they’re checking the place out, I now need to get some tan on.  So I head up to where I thought Isaw the sign, but its not for tans its extreme body gym – Damn!!

so now I’m panicking – I’d better call Aiden and tell him to bring my tan stuff…unfortunately I’ve had my phone switched off and when I switch it back on there are 57 messages – oh shit whats been going on – I just need Aiden to get here with some tan.

Its 7:30 am and I’m on stage in 2 hours – theres a text from Aiden saying he’s 5 minutes from my house, which doesn’t really register with me, I just call him to say I’m already at the venue in Brisbane and….

he hangs up on me!!

and then I realise – I also haven’t got my makeup done – Sam is due at 8am at my house…in Melbourne…and I’m in Brisbane…

oh shit. I’m in completely the wrong state on the wrong day!

And then I woke up – I’ve still got my headphones plugged in and I was listening to my forest meditation when this fright occurred!

more lessons to be learnt:

1) remember to take all tan stuff to brisy

2) remember to take all tan stuff to brisy


hmm…detecting a theme here…must be really worried how I’m going to do my tan in brisy – must confirm my lady is all good 1st thing on Monday!

4) take plenty of comp food to brisy

5) make sure phone is all charged up and on at all times

6) get up!

its 6:15, time to get some brekky, then i’ll try and meditate again – need to turn this around….


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