Food Groundhog day

Today is officially day 1 of food groundhog day – yesterday I went to see the lovely Melita Jagic down in Doncaster to have my first assessment and get my diet plan.

I’m so pleased that Melita has agreed to help me – Melita together with her partner Matt have prepared probably hundreds of girls for comps – Matt himself has competed in over 100 competitions, so these guys know what to do. Every person is different, so every diet  has to be totally customised to the specific person. Melita explained exactly how the process worked, so I feel very reassured that it is possible.

In the 3 weeks since my photoshoot, and since deciding to compete, my trainer advised me to eat – lots – to try and get a little extra size on to me, so I’ve been eating like a horse.

Melita told me that Matt was horrified by how much I’ve been eating, but its all totally clean – just protein and veg so  my measurements and assessment was good. Since my photoshoot when I was 52.6kg and 10.7% I’ve put on 1.5kg, but I’ve lost body fat! I’m down to 9.8% – wow! This means that I’ve probably put on a bit of muscle which is excellent news…but now the real work begins – I’ve got to get the weight off, without losing the muscle – tough ask.

so here’s my diet  - its not terribly inspiring thats for sure!

breakfast – quinoa porridge

mid morning snack – tuna + small green salad

lunch – chicken/fish/turkey + greek salad w broccoli

mid afternoon snack – chicken+apple

dinner – chicken/fish/turkey/beef/lamb+greek salad or steamed green veg

late night snack – 2 tsp almond butter

3-4l water

thats it! every day…and depending on how I lose, its going to get cut down to less than this!!! yikes. thats about 1/2 what I’ve been eating in the last few weeks!

looks like I’m going to get intimately acquainted with ‘Hungry’….

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