So this is the end. This is where I sign off. My Novice season is done, and it was good. Next year it will be different, it will no longer be my first go and you only get one go at your first go, so I wanted to capture my journey – I wanted to show what its like on the inside, I wanted it to be light but real, I wanted to show how much work goes into looking so good up on stage – I wanted to show the dedication, the discipline, the good bits as well as the not so good bits and I hope I’ve done that…sure I know I had my whingy moments, moments when I wanted to quit…and I look back on those and cringe or laugh at how pathetic I was being – hindsight is a wonderful thing, but those moments when I was experiencing them were me :-)

Fortunately for me I’ve had some wonderful people around me to provide the appropriate levels of  ’foot application to gluteals’ :-)

I’m glad I didn’t quit because it has been so worthwhile and my novice season has been an amazing success. All of you who are still competing – good luck! You’re phenomenal – I don’t know how you keep going for so long! I’ve done a total of 15 weeks and 3 comps and it wiped me out!

I’ll be back next year…bigger and stronger…a real figure athlete instead of a random blow in with great legs! :-p

how could I not? who knew that an impulsive decision I made back in July could turn into such an incredible experience and take on a life of its own! The last 2 years has been a total physical transformation for me – each time I found some new strength or level of leanness I started to set little goals, then when I exceeded those, I set bigger goals. Eventually so many people had asked me which competition I was training for, that I guess my curiosity got the better of me. Funnily enough it wasn’t the physical side of competing that concerned me – I knew I’d be able to do the training, the real challenge was the concept of standing on stage in a sparkly bikini and stripper heels…that bit absolutely terrified me !

and now? Love it!

Every time I step on stage…its MY stage!

I love my sparkly bikini and strutting around on my stripper heels…and my physique -WOW! I love being lean and clean…can’t wait to see where I can go next :-)

So I want to wrap by saying a final thank you to all who have helped me  - it certainly takes a lot of team work behind the scenes to get a competitor up on stage, and everyone is essential!

thank you to all who have been following me and if I haven’t managed to completely put you off – if you’re even a little bit curious or interested in becoming a figure competitor – I say go for it!

you’ll be glad you did!


My Results:

INBA Universe Titles: Brisbane

3rd Figure Masters 40+

4th Figure Novice Short

5th Figure International Masters 40+

INBA Australian Titles: Melbourne

3rd Figure Novice

3rd Figure International

INBA Victorian Titles: Melbourne

2nd Figure Overall

1st Figure Novice

3rd Figure International

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