Competition Day!

It’s  here! its 4:45am and I’ve slept the best I’ve slept in ages – trust me 4:45 is late for me to be waking up. I live right in the city, but you wouldn’t believe how loud the dawn chorus is outside my window – its a lovely way to wake up.

Competition day. All of a sudden its arrived in a huge rush – this day that I’ve been so completely focused on, everything I have done in the last 10 weeks has been specifically planned, calibrated and measured in order to get me to peak condition for this one day. And I am in peak condition – I can’t wait to get the shiny dream tan on, I’m going tobe looking amazing!

Physically I’ve come in perfectly. Melita took all my measurements again yesterday – I haven’t lost any muscle on my shoulders, my arms are now both exactly the same size, I have lost size around my waist which is now a tiny 63.5cm, which is brilliant for my symmetry – makes my lats  and back  look huge! :-)

my legs have come in to just 4mm on the skin fold with a non existent 2mm on my belly and triceps. I was 51.7kg and will probably hit the stage at 51.5kg and 5.9% body fat – Melita predicted it absolutely spot on!

I have practiced and practiced my posing, I’ve spent hours just turning on my heels to get my transitions as smooth as possible, I’ve spent hours with DVD’s of various shows being the contestant – volume turned up loud so I can hear all the heckling and catcalling that goes on to try and get used to the atmosphere. I’ve spent hours being the competitor who gets pulled into all the lineups and has to do the poses time and again, I’ve been the competitor who stands at the back of the stage and doesn’t ever get called into a line up and I’ve been everything in between. I react to the judges commands so hopefully by the time I’m actually on stage this will all be so ingrained that I will also just react. We’ll know by 6pm! :-)

Mentally I’ve rehearsed every step, every pose, every muscle being switched on, every movement of my hands as I transition between the poses. One of my meditations is a mental rehearsal – you put yourself in the situation that you want to rehearse, you imagine the sights, the sounds, the smells. You put your body in the position that it would be in for the most successful outcome of the situation,  you hold your head and shoulders and breathe the way would would do in that successful situation. Then you imagine the emotion that is attached to that successful situation, you find where that emotion is in your body and place your hands on that emotion. Then you grow it until your whole body is filled with that emotion associated with the most successful outcome of the event.

Its very powerful.

Whilst I’m on meditations 2 of my other stalwarts that will be coming along with me today are a walk in a forest and the mountaintop/mens energy.

The walk in the forest is beautiful and incredibly calming – I often fall asleep when I do this one. It starts off like this:

‘Please imagine yourself walking along a forest path, its warm and the fragrances are fresh and inspiring, the sunlight is filtering through the leaves, and the sounds of the birds are gently dancing in your ears. As you walk just allow yourself to feel the rhythm of your movement, notice each breathe the rise and fall of your chest with the in flow and out flow of air. as you walk feel more and more that you are making no effort…’

I love this one, as I imagine I’m walking in an ancient oak woodland in England in Spring when the daffodils are out and the woodland floor is just a purple carpet of bluebells.. if you’ve never seen a bluebell woodland in spring, you are missing out – its incredibly serene and beautiful

The second meditation is called Mens Energy – as you would expect it has a stronger more powerful conotation – I always leave this one til last on a sunday morning as it totally energises me – which is the idea of course!

it goes like this:

‘Please sit and concentrate for a moment, imagine yourself standing on the top of a huge mountain. You are a picture of confidence and bravery. As far as you can see, your life is full of limitless possibilities and enchanting opportunities. It is as though the universe itself is telling you that whatever you want to do, it will support you and help you, it will help you and love you. You stand hand on hips a little like superman, and in that moment you realise, that in this now there is nothing to fear, there is nothing but triumph, in every step you take…’

This one as you can imagine really resonates with me – I don’t have to imagine what its like to stand on the top of a huge mountain – I KNOW what its like and I know that I do feel invincible and it is meant to be.

this is the one I’ll be playing just before I go on stage…

today is my mountaintop, today I will have one hand on a hip,  today I will be a picture of confidence and bravery, today there is no fear, today, no matter what the result is – there is only triumph…

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