Competition Day – Part 2

Wow! what a full on day – I’m not even sure I can begin to describe it, theres so much that goes on yet it all passes by in a blur, I’m sure there’ll be things that keep coming back to me for weeks!

By 6:30 I was super chilled out – great meditation, I’d gone for my forest walk, got to the top of the mountain, stood in my cirlce of excellence and mentally rehearsed every turn, step and pose I could do – all successful of course!

I’d packed, checked and repacked my bag – every thing was present and correct, breakfast was done, blog written, house cleaned…so…um…now we wait til 8:30 when Sam shows up to do hair and makeup – well I can’t get the paper and have a cup of tea yet cos the shop ain’t open and I’m not allowed to drink anything…oh well back to bed for more meditation – cool.

up at 7:30 – still super chilled – quite eerie really – though I’d be nervous or in a bit of a fluster – but no, doing well so far.

So off to get the paper, but the shop hasn’t had a delivery yet..sooo..check emails? done that, check facebook…done that…check messages…no messages…

8am off to the shop again – yay! papers have arrived – I just get back to my apartment with the paper, I’ve got half an hour before Sam arrives…

and then she arrives early! this is all good, happy about that. Make up seems to take forever – we’ve practiced ‘the look’ last week so it should be quicker and the hair seems to be causing trouble as well – I can’t see a clock so I start to get a bit anxious, but we’re all done by 11 – I can’t believe it took 3 hours to do hair and makeup!! now I’m not going to have time to read the paper after all as I have to get into my bikini and Aiden is due at 11:30.

so I’m just twisting myself in knots to get my bikini on when Aiden shows up – I love it when people are early! He didn’t want me to stress :-)

This is all going incredibly smoothly! am still very chilled out – we hop into the audi I hired for the weekend and set off following the instructions on the application form – which says to go along Elizabeth Street onto Flemington Road – easy…except Elizabeth street is a nightmare – it took us about 20 mins to go 2 blocks!! now its about 12 and I’m starting to get anxious. so we skip up around Vic Markets and onto Flemington Road – only problem now is that neither of us has any idea where we’re going and theres no GPS or Melways in the car.

Why didn’t I look up the directions on I usually do that. by now we’re completely lost and its about 12:30 – I’m supposed to be on stage in about an hour!! now I’m starting to fret. So I got Aiden to stop and I ran into a shop to get directions – we were going completely the wrong way, away from the racecourse!!

Aiden pulls a screeching U turn – he’s a bit of a hoon at heart! and we burn some rubber back in the right direction – 10mins later we’re there thank goodness! so hurry into the building and up the stairs but then where do we go? there no posters or hoardings and neither of us know what function room its in – so we just tailgate someone and fortunately we turn up in the right place and hurry backstage – by now its about12:50 so in theory I don’t have long to get ready – this is not going well, now I am stressed.

Fortunately everything is running about 40mins late – phew!! I can get a spot sit and down for 5.

Matt comes hurrying over – I think he’s also been a bit worried about where I was  - cutting it a bit fine! anyway before I can do anything else Clare – backstage supremo – is getting people to slap on the dream tan, stick my bikini to my bum and get me ready – its all happening so quickly I dont have time to be nervous! which is probably a good thing.

Aiden wants to do our pumping up but we’re told not to – which we’re both a bit surprised at, because there are other people going through their workouts – maybe its not for figure international who knows. Anyway before I really know whats going on we get the call up to assemble in the stage area for the format briefing – 1st 5 to do their favourite pose then line up on the right of the stage, next 5 to do their favourite pose and line up on the left of the stage. No individual symmetry because they’re running behind time and are trying to catch up and it’s a big group there’s 10 of us and they’ve got me sandwiched between to very tall girls so I look even smaller than I already am!

I made sure I listened – didn’t want to get it wrong and look like an idiot!

Here goes! The big moment has arrived – I’m about to step on stage! This moment that I’ve been working so hard for for the last 10 weeks is finally here – now I’m beginning to get nervous, the butterflies are kicking in…

And they’re calling my name!!! BIG breath and on I go – focus Sarah you’ve done this a million times, remember your circle of excellence – take the power, the confidence, the fun and laughter with you and show it to everyone!

BIG smile, chest out stomach in and strut! Relaxed pose…

and line up…phew that went ok – I’m shaking like a leaf – but I’m smiling so hopefully nobody can see my legs shaking!

now we’re on – ‘Ladies, place your feet together and face the front’ – ok feet at 45 degrees, tense, legs tense – but don’t tense fully this is about the symmetry not the muscularity, back bent, chest out, roll shoulders back flare lats and smile…ok got it

1/4 turn to the right – knees together, right foot drive, pivot – good surface to pivot on – this is nice and easy – back bent, chest up, elbows symmetrical twist torso – got it

1/4 turn to the right – ok pivot, heels together left arm straight and out while sweep hair off back – bend back don’t stick bum out, tense calves but not bum, shoulders and lats out – remember to lift gumpy right shoulder a fraction more – ok got it

1/4 turn to the right – repeat as previous look straight ahead and smile – got it.

and turn to face the front – stay in the front pose – some people go into their relaxed pose – should i do that? no I’m going to stick to the front pose until they tell us to relax.

this is going pretty well so far I think, I’m still shaking, but I’m not as nervous as I thought I might be I’m focusing on Melita and she looks pleased so I take some confidence from that.

We’re all asked to step to the back of the stage and then they start calling people out – they’re calling me out!!! yay – that has to be a good sign surely.

We repeat the turns, then its back to the back of the stage and ‘relax’ – I’m shaking so much, but not from nerves now – now its from having to hold the relaxed pose for so long – they call out another 3 or 4 groups and they all have to repeat their turns! I dont get another call out – is this a good thing? I dont know, but I’m not stressing about it, I’m watching whats going on with Aiden – I notice an ex client of his has turned up and has sat right behind him and he’s not happy! I’m cringing for him!

stay focused Sarah on holding pose…

all of a sudden we’re being asked to line up on the line – they’re handing out the trophies – the 4th places start to my right and get closer and the really tall girl next to me gets 4th…then…the girl on the left of me gets 4th…thats means I’ve placed!! cool!

I get 3rd!  wow!

Now the Adrenaline is kicking in, I bounce off stage – I DID IT!!  and Aiden is right there – he’s thrilled! So we hurry off back stage its about 3:00 so now theres an interval and we check what time I’m expected to be back on stage, about 4:30, I have to eat, change into my real bikini, rest, get re tanned, then have time to get pumped up for the next event.

It turns out that Aiden knows one of the judges so I send him off to get feedback. When he returns he suggests I go and talk to her. So I head off to the bathroom and bump into the judge on the way, excellent! So I ask for her feedback – it was a very close call whether I got 2nd or 3rd – condition wise I was clearly the stand out, the 1st place girl got it because she looked more pumped – WHAT?? I was told NOT to pump up – now I’m a bit angry about that. The 2nd place girl got it because her even though her definition wasn’t as good as mine I didn’t present my glutes quite enough and she is naturally well endowed in that area! :-)

Ok plenty to work with there, but I’m fuming about the misleading information – now I feel like I didn’t present myself the best that I could. Aiden arrives with his girlfriend and one of his clients, and he can see I’m pissed off so he takes me off to one side so I can vent my frustrations.

Once he’s calmed me down he advises me to use that anger for the next stage. Now I must eat, but I don’t really want to as I’m still unsettled, but I manage to force down a rice cake and jam and a strawberry or 2.

Time check – 3:40, ok maybe I should get into my bikini – just as I do that we suddenly get a warning that we’re about to go on! WHAT?? I’ve got to get retanned and pumped – for fuck sake! So poor Skye is there trying to dream tan me whilst I’m trying to work with the bands to get some sort of pump and they’re calling me to go right this second to the collecting area – I’m stressed now. I’m still trying to pump up and they’re calling me to get in line – I’ve only managed 1 set of everything! and then I’m up on stage again, too late to worry about anything else now, focus on what I need to do – FLEX EVERYTHING HARD! Chest Out, Stomach in, back arched, think coathanger, bum out, glutes switched on, smile – thumbs up from Melita – excellent!

Ok into the symmetry – turning is easy on this surface, very happy about that so my transitions are nice and smooth, take my time on the back pose to get my hair out of the way, reset my shoulders before I flex remember to lift my gumpy right shoulder a fraction, bend back…ok got it

Feeling good – am relaxed now, this is now familiar territory. The symmetry is done, now into the compulsories – front double bicep – place legs first, flex hard scrunch toes to assist glutes squeeze and quad squeeze arms in wide circle out and up bring the crown down to my head elbows out wide and…hit it!

Check with my friendly judge – thumbs up, check with Melita, thumbs up – excellent – keep smiling!

And Relax – no time to relax they move straight into side chest – remember to lean forward flex calves – got it

Straight into side tricep – arm down at 45 degrees big look at my back and hold, flex tricep hard, stomach in rotate to show all the judges – check with Melita thumbs up – ok this is going well

Straight into rear double bicep – they’re really moving us along quickly here!

Leg out flex calf, butt out, squeeze glutes bend back so it hurts arms out and up and bring the crown down to my head, elbows slightly up and forward BIG back, check gumpy shoulder and FLEX!! Yeah! Feeling good

Straight into abs and thighs – leg out front lifted in the air to bring out the definition, breathe out, out, out keep going…crunch down and they’re calling relax – I’ve just got time to rotate and show my obliques and hip flexors – done – thumbs up from Melita! Yay!

And relax. Good round – feeling confident now – nod from Melita, wink from friendly judge – this is going well.

Now they’re calling people out – ME!! I don’t move to start with I can’t believe they’re calling my number – Melita is calling out – ‘front and Centre 115’, ‘front and centre’ – they want me front and centre! Awesome!

3 others are called out and we repeat the poses – all feeling good, now I’m really beginning to hit my stride – this is easy!

Now they’re calling for posedown! Whats going on this is so quick! Ok get front and centre – run through everything and finish on a big front double bicep, get a good look at my legs – yeah!

And we’re done. Check with Melita – thumbs up, check with friendly judge, big nod – this is looking good.

All the 4th places have been given out…not to me so I’ve placed, now 3rd has been handed out…not me…this means I’ve come at least 2nd

And 2nd is handed out – NOT me!! OMG I’ve won it!! I’ve won my category at my first show!!! I’m in to the overalls!! I can’t believe it!

OMG!!! Now I’m REALLY buzzing – I can’t wait to get off stage and show Aiden – I can see him at the side  – he’s got a huge grin on his face, wow he’s as excited as I am!

I hand him the trophy and I have to run over to Melita and give her a big hug, thank you, thank you, thank you! – she tells me I was the clear winner all the way!!! This is amazing!!!

I can’t get the smile off my face, I’m bouncing up and down all over the place – Matt tells me to eat – but how can I eat I’m so excited! Lots of photos being taken, this is really fun :-)

Aiden manages to get me to calm down and re-focus. I eat a few strawberries, rice cakes, some almond paste and jam whilst we run through our plan for the overalls. We’re not going to get caught out this time. We find out what category is on now, roughly what time we’re going to be on – we’ve got about 1 ½ hours – we plan when to start our pump up – at least 3 categories before the overall and we know who is in that category, so when they get called to assemble that’s when we start our pump up.

Ok plan made I can relax – sort of. Now I watch, who’s in the backstage area, who’s pumping up, what condition are they in, what size and shape are they – we assess and feel that there’s only one girl who is close to me – and she IS a lot bigger than me – if I’m up against her then I don’t stand a chance! But we’re not thinking like that – and decide that if it all comes together then 2nd is very realistic.

So I try to relax as much as possible, and watch as each group goes out – then the marker group go out – ok time to tanup and start pumping up. Few teaspoons of honey for instant energy hit and off we go.

Now I’ve got my game head on – this is the pointy end of the day. Pump up is done I’m feeling full of energy, we get called to assemble, instructions given and then we’re up on stage – for some reason I don’t wave to the crowd this time – I mean business – with a smile of course!

Symmetry passes well – I feel that I’ve got the gumpy shoulder sorted now, I take my time on the rear poses to get my hair out of the way then reset my shoulders to level before I do the pose.

Compulsories go well –

I can’t remember if there’s any call outs or if I get called out because all of a sudden we’re into the posedown – straight away I place myself front and centre and get stuck in – big front double bicep, then abs – get a good long look at my legs – side tri and chest spin round big rear double bicep – its all going really well! Then all of a sudden the girl who I was worried about is standing next to me arm around my shoulder..what the??

So I do another pose with her and then she moves away – I decide that I’m going to go to the opposite end of the stage to her, but that means leaving the centre spot – they’re keeping the posedown going for a long time! Must be some discussions going on.

Finally its all over and we ‘relax’. Check with Melita, nod of approval, check with friendly judge – she claps her hands…interesting…does this mean I’m in with a shout? Could I really do it?

And the winner is….Anita!!! The person that we picked as my main competition – and she deserved it, she was bigger overall than me in the upper body and was in really great condition.

Now what? There’s no announcement of 2nd or 3rd place – don’t they do that? It’s a bit puzzling, so we all file off stage – its all a bit odd really, but I’m still absolutely buzzing – the whole day has been a rollercoaster!

Aiden wants to know how I did – and so do I! so he heads off to find his friend the judge – and he’s back really quickly with a huge grin on his face…I came 2nd and only 1 point separated us!!! That’s why the posedown went so long as the judges deliberated over who should win!! Far Out!

1 Point!! I’m stoked – 2nd Overall in my 1st show – I can’t quite believe it – what an amazing day!!

In a bit of a daze we head off backstage to get changed and head out for a celebratory meal.

what a day!

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