Clothes? Where I’m going, I don’t need…clothes…

to paraphrase the words of the Doc in Back to the Future…

packing for an interstate figure competition is certainly a different experience, in fact the whole staying in a hotel whilst competing in a figure competition is a whole different experience I mean there’s a lovely big bed – that I can’t sleep in because I don’t want to get fake tan all over it.

There’s a nice looking pool that I can’t swim in because it’ll wash off my nice fake tan and there’s gym that I can’t use because i’ll get all sweaty and….my fake tan will run,

I’m in Brisbane where its nice and sunny and I should be outside…getting a real tan, but I don’t want to get sunburn and….spoil my fake tan!

I paid for this? sometimes I think I’m not very bright :-p

and there there’s the packing…

have you ever packed for a weekend away – only 3 days – and your baggage somehow weighs an absolute ton yet there’s hardly any clothes…and no its not all shoes!!! :-)

My main bag weighed in at a hefty 20kg – I can’t even begin to remember when I last went ANYWHERE with 20kg of luggage – I’m definitely the pack light sort of chick – even for Kilimanjaro I only had 16kg of stuff and that was for 10 days and was mainly mountain gear to keep me warm at-15C – that’s a LOT of clothes and a sleeping bag!!!

And what the hell did I put in my hand luggage?? Rocks? It was a serious workout lugging that around various airports!

It must have weighed 12kg at least! I think I’ve torn my poor shoulders out of their sockets!

so how on earth have I managed to bring 30+ kg of baggage for 3 DAYS!!!

Here’s my decidedly odd collection of stuff:

1 Tarpaulin (to protect bed from fake tan leakage)

3 old bath towels (to cover me at night in leiu of the hotel bedclothes)

2 pairs stripper heels

2 sparkly bikinis

2 bottles fake tan

2 types of sticky gooey top coat – haven’t decided which one to use

tan roller and paintbrush – just in case the spray tan lady doesn’t show up, even though I’ve confirmed the booking – paranoid? me? never!

2 stretchy exercise bands

2 fake hair pony tails

5 pairs of fake eyelashes (got to practice putting them on with the fake nails – thats going to be tricky!)


hair clips

hair bands

hair jewelry


costume makeup

normal toiletries

compartmented ‘INBA Muscle Nutrition’ food bag, – how good is the food bag!!! I think I almost like it better than the trophies and medals…almost…




Protein powder

pills – lots of pills! sorry supplements! :-)

1kg cooked chicken

3 plastic tubs of steamed veg

2 chicken salads

6 packets of tuna

2 jars of nut butter

2 bars of chocolate

jar of jam

3 empty water bottles

2 pashminas – again in lieu of bedclothes

extra tracky top in case cold at night

oh, I almost forgot, here’s the clothes part:

1 pair of stilettos

1 dress

just in case you’re wondering – I was wearing a tracky suit on the plane…hey I know I’m in great shape right now, but I’m not brave enough to get on a plane in my birthday suit…


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