If you’re sick of poached, grilled or baked fish then you must try Ceviche – I LOVE ceviche! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch  AND dinner in fact last time I was in Tahiti I think I did! :-)

If you’ve never eaten it then you’re missing out  - IMHO of course :-p

and even better – it’s totally comp prep friendly – its just raw fish, lime juice, a bit of salt, coriander (cilantro) and Chillies (optional)

so how do you make it? even easier!

Get a nice big chunk of sashimi grade raw fish (tuna is best) and chop into 1cm cubes

marinate in lime juice and salt for 4 hours – this is the ‘cooking’ time

chop up coriander (you can use parsley but not nearly as good!) and 1 chilli – or leave out if you dont like it hot

add to bowl



You can add coconut milk as well and I think I prefer this version, which is the how it tends to be served in polynesia, but since coconut milk is not allowed at the moment I’m going with the Peruvian version.

drooling just at the thought of it!

(too much information….???) :-)

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