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on the plus side…

so I know the diet is a complete ‘no fun’ zone – I’m on the ‘comfort’ version right now – but one thing that it does have going for it, is that its EASY! Doing biosignature, I had all these … Continue reading

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keen-wa (Quinoa)

ok this stuff is NASTY! its related to tumbleweed  - doesn’t that say it all? I like to think I’m a pretty good cook, not quite masterchef..but no-one has died! I’m known for my curries, and have even cooked a … Continue reading

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yes ‘fraid so – only 1 week in I’ve already cheated on my diet – don’t tell Melita, she’d have my hide! I’m feeling very guilty! dairy foods are banned, but I couldn’t resist a bowl of greek yoghurt and … Continue reading

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no wonder the Mayans died out!

Quinoa!! The Mayans died of food poisoning from eating too much quinoa!! Even Oliver would not want more of this stuff!! ITS VILE! I’ve never liked porridge made with oats, but porridge made quinoa??  eeeuwgh! Even making pancakes out of … Continue reading

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Food Groundhog day

Today is officially day 1 of food groundhog day – yesterday I went to see the lovely Melita Jagic down in Doncaster to have my first assessment and get my diet plan. I’m so pleased that Melita has agreed to … Continue reading

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