body talking

I think I’ve finally figured out what my body is trying to say to me! each time a new tweak to the diet or to the cardio happens it puts my body into shock for a few days – when it complains to me. Its during this transition to the new level that I get the emotional swings and roundabouts happening, and then it all settles down and runs along smoothly until the next tweak and shock

for example last week I lost nothing, not even a teeny % of body fat but this week I did because we tweaked my diet and cut the carbs to just one meal a day – chicken and sweet potato at 5:30am pre workout – now my body didn’t like that at all – on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I felt completely nauseous after eating the sweet potato and within about 10 minutes had to get to the bathroom PDQ …if you know what I mean…on Monday I almost cancelled my training because I didn’t think I’d last the 5km cycle! on Tuesday I had to do an emergency return home and made it just in time and Wednesday I hung around at home for a little bit longer to make sure that I was ‘safe’ to get to the gym :-)

I was also tired and cranky at work and couldn’t focus/couldn’t be bothered with what I was supposed to be doing…

My body was really letting me know it was pissed off!

By Thursday though I was feeling absolutely brilliant – full of beans, mentally alert and switched on almost all day – still had the 11:30 crash, but I’m getting that every day, and Friday I was also mentally very alert, so my body has got used to the new regime already and this is now the new normal. I think the adjustments are getting quicker as well which is encouraging.

The tweak and shock treatment has worked well, because by Melitas measurements I’ve lost 0.4% body fat since last week and I had another dexa scan on Friday – the results were way beyond my expectations – in 3 weeks I have lost 2.5% body fat and get this…I have put ON some lean muscle!!

and apparently thats not possible on such a restrictive diet….

I can’t wait to tell Aiden, he’ll be stoked…and then he’ll load up the leg press with and extra 10kg probably…just in case there’s a tiny chance that I’ll get lazy and rest on my laurels..

as if!


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