Aussie Titles Retro

Retro time!

What went right?

What went wrong?

What could be improved?


What went right?

pretty much everything!

Sam was early, and we got through hair and makeup super quickly.

Aiden was bang on time even though he got stuck in traffic.

I remembered the map this time so we didn’t get lost and the traffic was waaay better – we didn’t go anywhere near Elizabeth Street!  It only took us 25 mins to get there!

Arriving nice and early meant we could get a spot and relax, plan our day find out what we needed to find out and then just get on and do it.

The organisation was much better this time – much slicker so timings were closer to the running sheet

We didn’t lose the running sheet!!!

We got our pump up times correct

I got my tan on in plenty of time

I ate the right amount of food

My condition was excellent and my legs came though perfectly

My posing was heaps better this time – even though the stage was so crowded I made sure I moved closer to the judges or out of line so I could give myself space

I got 2 3rd places!!!!

What went Wrong?

not much really – the only thing that we got wrong was when the figure international was called to the staging area and there was a whole extra class that had to go on before my class. I didn’t have the bands to maintain the pump.

but then neither did most people so we were pretty much all in the same boat as none of us knew that we’d have to wait so long.

We learnt that lesson very quickly and for the Figure Novice I made sure I had a band with me.

What could be improved?

My posing – I stuffed up the rear double bicep pose in figure novice. I just saw a video on YouTube and it was horrible – I crunched my shoulders together instead of spreading them!

In Figure Novice each of us went on and did 2 poses before coming off stage – I did front double bicep and side chest – I should have done the rear double bicep.

I must try and be more fluid in getting into my poses and a bit more theatrical rather than functional.

I wasn’t quite as lean as I was for the Vics.

2 places…

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