and sporting a rather fetching jungle motif…

I had a trial today of doing my all over tan….


firstly I need to be a contortionist  to do my back, secondly I’m so uncoordinated holding the sponge with my non writing hand and then trying to look in the mirror to work out which way to move my hand but its backwards so I kept going the wrong way!

thirdly how do you blend a dribble from a new bit into the bit thats already dried? I think bits of me have 12 coats on and bits only have 1/2 a coat!

I think I did a pretty good job on my arms and legs – my back defnitely needs a bit of practice and my stomach..oh dear!

theres definitiely an art to applying tan – and I ain’t no artist!! :-) I think I may get booted out of tan painting kindy….

hmmm…I think the Vics needs to be a themed contest this year to make it a bit more interesting – ‘Really Wild’ would be a good one

given the fact that I’m back on my cavewoman diet (yay!) MEAT and more MEAT for brekky – no more namby pamby grains and carbs for me – I’ve been gnawing on chunks of meat or a bone or two pre workout out for over a year now whilst doing the biosig and I’ve kind of missed it!

I got plenty of sideways looks having curry and rice at 2nd brekky/mid morning snack, but I rather enjoyed it :-)

so after my tanning efforts, I poppped down to Myer to get see if I could get a competition makeover look – and I did!

so I’m all sorted…

“…and here we have Sarah Taylor, age 42 – as you can see she’s sporting a natty spotty cat skin effect, beautifully co-ordinated with a grizzly bear face and an interesting ‘fresh from a fight with a sabre tooth tiger’ hair styling – you’ve got to admire this girls creativity! the combination of amazon jungle meets arctic wildnerness meets 10000 BC – its going to be tough to beat…”

“I think this girl has winner written all over her….”


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