4 days to go…take 2

4 days to go!

It can’t believe its been 5 weeks since the Vics – its flown!

so today all the fluffy stuff starts – tan 1 and hair this afternoon, tomorrow is tan, nails, pose, tan, relax

Saturday is tan, pose, register, tan, relax

Sunday is hair and makeup – 8:00am ‘I dream of Jeannie’ makes her reappearance and 10:30 (if Aiden turns up on time!) is Show Time!!!

so how it this time round different from the 1st?

Well last time I had the day off to relax (in theory) and enjoy my last training session, but it sooo was not that, what with the Fitness First filming looming over us, both of us were stressed, anxious and strung out. I had to rush home from that to get frocked up and have hair done before getting back to the gym, then the film crew went to the wrong gym and they were over an hour late which impacted both mine and Aidens whole day and just added to the stress – it was a complete schamozzle and completely rattled me, I think i ended up going to bed at about 6pm because I was so emotionally exhausted.

Today couldn’t be more different! – I had an excellent last training session, really good back and chest work out - no stress at all,just our usual mucking around at training, we went over game day and how we wanted it to work out – didn’t get quite as far as planning where Aiden was going to take me for my treat meal when I win the Overall… :-p

I was feeling really strong and energetic – at last! and had a good posing session pre workout – there were a few things I wanted to try out and fine tune so I’m really happy with that.

My energy has returned and I’ve been really focused at work for a change :-)

no 11:30 crash, no coffee…yet…

and I’m just about to head off to do my last HIIT..looking forward to it even….?


Good HIIT!!! YAY! was strong all the way through, bouncing off the treadmill! no draining of energy, my breathing was good, my legs felt good – very positive sign.

so I’m done now for exercise – just a bit of posing practice tomorrow and Saturday to keep the muscles moving but otherwise its feet up and let nature take it course. :-)

I’m going to do exactly what I did last time – no tweaks, no changes, its aint broke so I’m not going to fix it.

I am a little anxious to see whether my legs come through – they’re looking a bit flat today, but Melita says be patient…

you’d have thought I would have learnt some of that at my age!


well I’m a beautiful chestnut brown with smudge patches and my hair is Jeanie coloured. Am feeeling very relaxed and think I have everything going according to plan.

Time to break out the tarpaulin and 94 season sleeping bag – to protect the bed from turning a beautiful chestnut brown with smudges…

its starting to feel real again!


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