2 days to go!

well the finish line really is in sight now, I’ve taken yesterday and today off work so I could relax and focus – yeah right! yesterday was crazy, incredibly stressful and emotional for both me and Aiden!

As a laugh at Aidens suggestion I entered the fitness First New You awards and have been picked at one of the 12 finalists so I’m in the running to win a decent prize – which would really top off what has been a total rollercoaster ride of a year. So we both get flown up to Sydney on 23rd Sept and put up at a decent hotel with a gala dinner at the Ivy where the category winners and overall winner is announced. Which is all good – except of course they have to film me telling my ‘story’, Aiden gets filmed saying how he motivates me and stuff about being a great trainer, they film us doing some training  and then it gets shown up on the big screen at the gala dinner – well both of us are totally unnerved by the whole concept – Aiden because he had a bad experience as a kid doing adverts and me because my story is just so personal, the concept of baring my soul, vulnerabilities, foibles and failings on film to an audience of strangers is completely mortifying!

My last pre comp training session was bad because neither of us could really focus – Aiden fessed up he’s had to take valium to calm his nerves, so by the time the filming was due to start both of us were edgy and stretched, but at least we were both in the same space and by turns one could be the strong person when the other persons nerves were getting the better of them. Then the film crew went to the wrong gym so we started an hour late and I was getting more stressed by the minute because it was creeping into my safety time when I had to get back to the city for my spray tan. I hadn’t brought my contest colour with me because I thought I’d have plenty of time to get home then get to the tanning salon. That wasn’t going to happen now. I also only took 1 meal worth of food and by the time they film guys showed up it was time for my next meal – which I didn’t have. Hungry, stressed, anxious not a good way to ‘relax’ and focus on getting ready for Sunday!

Its a little ironic that no matter how hard Aiden has pushed me at training he’s never heard me say ‘I can’t', whatever his evil mind concocts, I just do and then go ‘that was fun/tough/interesting whats next?’ – which is one of the reasons why he likes training me so much, but yesterday I completely lost my nerve just as they were about to start filming…’I can’t do this’ and I walked out. Thats when Aiden showed why he’s such a good trainer.

We both got through the ordeal and once it got to the training part of the filming things were alot better because we could bounce off each other like we usually do – Mad Dog was back!

I was glad when it was all over, then I just had to get to the city to make my spray tan appointment – made it by the skin of the teeth!!

By the time I got home, I’d missed two meals – fortunately on Wednesday I’d had the foresight to cook up 3 days worth of chicken and veggies – so i just piled some on a plate for tea then went to bed – I was shattered.

Today has been much better, very productive. I was up at 4:30, finished off my testimonial and article for my counsellors newsletter, finished off my application for the Oxygen Magazine covergirl comp – its odd that I haven’t even sent that in yet and its what really kicked off this whole adventure!

had another spray tan at 10 – its looking really good! picked up the flash car at 11 so I can be chauffeured in style by my lovely driver for the day…Aiden :-)

picked up spare ipod so now I can take my meditations with me, have started to pack my show bag and now I’m off for my next spray tan – I’ve even had time to clean the house, buy a new vacuum cleaner as the other just died and watch a bit of Dr Phil :-)

much more relaxing… :-)

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