1 week to go…

OMG!! its nearly here! it seems like EONS ago that I decided to have a go at this, but in reality its only been 10 weeks!

I can’t believe it was only 10 weeks ago that I stood in the gym in front of Aiden, as white as a sheet, looking like a deer in the headlights and in a very small voice said ‘I’ve decided to compete’.

He was stoked! I’ve never seem him so excited – he was positively bouncing around the gym that session rattling off all this stuff – we have to do this and this and this and eat and weights and more stuff – I don’t think I heard a word, I was just numb –  I think I just about managed an ‘ok’ each time he paused for breath…which wasn’t often… :-p

And boy has time flown – its been a bit of a whirlwind and has virtually absorbed every waking moment – in the few days after I decided to have a go I signed up with Melody for posing and Melita and Matt for my diet management and conditioning – and plenty of other helpful tips, hints, tricks and support, counselling, reassurance – I can’t begin to name how awesome you guys have been! :-)

On the day of the All Female Classic I met Jo Rogers and got measured for my bikini, and I met Melita and Matt for the 1st time to get measured (positively fat by comparison to how I look now!).
I met Claire Ross who is just awesome – I’m aiming to emulate her feat of taking out overall on my first show :-) not that I set myself high standards or anything! Claire got me backstage at the All Female Classic as a helper. I’m not sure if I actually helped, but what an eye opener THAT was!! its so full on – I learnt lots but  left there feeling incredibly intimidated by the whole concept and really wondered if I’d made a huge mistake – would I be ready, would I look like the competitors did – they all looked amazingly well defined. In fact I was so freaked out by the whole thing that my skin broke out into a rash! I turned up at training 2 days later all spotty and blotchy – not a good look, but Aiden got a good laugh out of it – bastard. :-p

Then I’ve spent hours practicing my posing, viedeoing the posing, correcting the posing, training of course, finding the perfect bling, finding the perfect after show outfit (Karen Millen of course!), finding the perfect backstage trackies and getting them all tarted up, finding the perfect shoes – now that caused me some angst! Getting makeup done to create the perfect look, practicing doing ‘the look’ myself, then theres this weekends photoshoot to organise – my hair and makeup lady to book for photoshoot and comp day, tanning – thats a whole art form in itself! which tan to use, what colour works best on my skin, I’ve spent multiple lunchtimes trying to find a tanning salon that can do a spray tan using contest colour! then theres nails, practicing doing my hair – well if I continue on to the Universe (!!) I’m going to need to be able to do all this for myself!

The diet has been the easy bit! it so boring that dont have to think about it – you can get into a nice easy routine – the shopping is a no brainer – chicken, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, asparagus, snow peas, cucumber, zucchini, sweet potato – easy! done, rinse, repeat…


Then there’s been the whole emotional rollercoaster thing – wow! wasn’t prepared for that AT ALL – the ups and downs as my body adjusted to new levels of leaness, the crashing tiredness during the day – trying to not let it affect my work – my sleep patterns got all messed up which just fed the whole rollercoaster as my exhaustion intensified.  I have to say though that the last week or so has been really good – no more mood swings and my body is handling this extreme condition very well – I haven’t lost strength and amazingly have even put on muscle!! Last night Melita measured me at 6.2% – thats another 0.5% down on last week!! I can’t wait to see what I come in at next sunday – 5.8% is a definate possibility.

Check out the difference 9 weeks has made!!

I can’t believe this is me!!! I really do look the part – it still just stuns me to look how far I’ve come….

from this

to this…

and finally to this…

far out – I dont know what to say…

am I ready…? we’ll find out on the night… :-)

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